How to Dress a Middle Figure Body Type (Apple)

Introducing Cardigan Empire the Movie.
First Starring Role: The Middle Figure

Thanks to Float Away Films for filming, editing, and making these beautiful films

How to measure: waist/hip and waist/bust ratio is greater than .75
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ashley mischief my dear
kelly clarkson
nina, momma go round (read her story here)
melissa mccarthy

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Middle Figure (Soft Tummy)

Hourglass (Curvy)
Lower Figure (Full Hip, Bottom)
Upper Figure (Ample Bust)
Linear (Straight, Athletic)

Measure (Get Started)

Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book includes your own hourglass figure rules of conduct and much more.Consultation will be conducted online.  Delivery will also be completed online unless otherwise requested.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for virtual delivery.*

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  1. says

    So glad you asked! I read an article about how women feel about their bodies after viewing fashion blogs, and when I learned that women feel more positive about their bodies when viewing pictures of normal women, I knew that I needed to re-calibrate my expectations. I have made a point since then of collecting RSS feeds of bloggers who have noteworthy style and curvaceous figures. My favorite apple-figured bloggers include the lesser-known but lovely Katha,; Stephanie Zwicky,; queen of artful color, Nita, of, the ever-classy Rebecca at; Meg at has adorable fashion sense (but a language warning for sensitive folks). Enjoy!

  2. cp says

    I’m a center according to your math, and I have a poochy belly.

    The one thing I’ve learned about dressing myself is to stay away from tops that hang from the bust. It draws attention TO the stomach, not away from it, with the excess fabric over the belly. The second thing I’ve learned is belts are my enemy. Like the waistbands of pants, they tend to slip up or slip down on my belly, and the last thing I want to draw attention to is a contrasting belt in the wrong place.

    The best tops for me are softly hourglass shaped and flare at the hips. A hip flare and some detail at the neck give the illusion of an hourglass and draw attention away from the belly. Also, the top should hang from the belly, not from the bust. It should be fitted from the neck down to the belly button, and then hang down (or flare out) from there, so that one does not see the belly curving back under the body. This creates an illusion of a deeper waist. I also much prefer bootleg or flared pants, rather than straight or tapered, because they balance the bulk on my upper body. Tapered pants are the worst because it emphasizes that my upper body has bulk that tapers away to nothing at my feet. I don’t want to draw attention to that!

    • says

      I’d have to see your original measurements to double check the math, but in this case I would lean towards lower figure. Your w/h ratio is slightly off, but your hip/waist ratio is clearly in the range. This is why I do both, to help solve mysteries like this 😉

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