Upper Figured Body Type

Certain sisters find being compared to a fruit demeaning. Divulging a fear of being conceived as an object to be consumed. I just want to say straight out, “I do not endorse cannibalism.” Personally as a vegetarian, I refrain from eating birds, reptiles, and mammals (that includes humans). I choose to use the metaphor of fruit for body shape because I desire all to enjoy the unique flavor of their shape.

Take the Upper Figured woman with a bust/waist ratio greater than 1.25 and a waist/hip quotient greater than .75. Your figure implies strength and stamina with a ripe, robust topper above and slim, slender supports below. If you were to gain 5 lbs, 2 of them would go to the girl on the right, 2 to the girl on the left, and the remaining pound would settle in your back.

We may have heard you complaining of the burden of your bosom. Buttons and button holes seem to be laced with reverse magnets and the fabric pull across your back and shoulders may make you feel not only angry, but hulk angry.

Calm yourself Dr. Banner, and exploit the super powers of your body shape. You can accomplish fashion feats that no other body shape can, ie wearing a top that extends past the hip. While most of us look like we have a plump puppy struggling to be released from behind a long cardigan, your coat hanger shoulders and slim hips allow for the fabric to glide elegantly and effortlessly from upper to lower sectors. And because you have legline to spare you can accessorize your ankles with boots, straps and footless leggings.

To keep your shape under control, avoid amplifying what is already evident. Nothing about your top half is shy. Keep their language clean, understated, and enunciated. Avoid applying large prints, bright colors, and fussy details over your perfectly fitting bra.(If you haven’t gotten a fitting in the last two years, you do not have a perfectly fitting bra. Make remedies post haste.) Next apply bold colors, big patterns, and special particulars on your lower figure. Avoid overly skinny, straight styles. You are not a precariously positioned ice cream scoop on a cone. Use a bootcut, full skirt, or other appropriate volume on your lower half to imitate the hourglass. Your master goal is to support and control your voluptuous top half while building curves around your dainty bottom half. Your goal is balanced, fashion zen. Follow the illustrated outffiting below.

The crochet of the Stitch Play Sweatercoat cozies around your curves. The portrait collar envelopes the twins and draws attention back up to the face. And while there’s enough embellishment to make it special, we don’t feel like we’re decorating. The lantern sleeve starting at 3/4 length adds volume and attention to the southern quadrant.

The powerful hue of the AG Angel Cords wrestles the visual focus down. The bootcut flare highlights your slim thighs without creating the figure fiasco of tremendously heavy top balanced on a comparatively frail, tiny bottom. And speaking of bottom, the strategically placed smaller pockets on the seat will round your flatter vistas.
Get those gams out there with the Steve Madden Elivate Ankle Boot. Its high skinny heel is the perfect end to your delicate get away wheels.

Respect your crop:

1 hundred 98 cents = your own upper figured fashion look book cheat sheet.

Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book includes your own upper figure rules of conduct and much more.

Dry your tears or under your arms as appropriate. We have a solution to your diminishing holiday shopping hours. Return with haste for a holiday edition mix and match.

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  1. says

    That’s me, at least right now. Now I see why the tops are size large and the bottoms size small. I LIKE the fruit comparisons, Reachel. They do just as you said, make me think of the figure as something delicious, beautiful, and full of health!

  2. says

    I discovered boot cuts a few years back when a similarly-shaped friend recommended them (over my objections that tapered pants were best-ugh!). I’ve never looked back since.

    I love the sweater, and will start looking for lantern sleeves. How cool are those?!

    But most of all, I really like the fact that someone has finally addressed my body shape’s fashion needs. Believe me, I’ve been looking for a long time to find something like this! Keep up the great work, and thanks!

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