Preparing for Easter and Picking the Perfect Easter Basket

The following transcript is based on a real grocery cart conversation,
while passing the seasonal aisle.  Names have not been changed.
Coco: Mommy I weally need easta eggs with amuls in dems for all my fwiends, evwyone, ok?
Me: Ok, we’ll get some plastic eggs and put toy animals in them.
Coco: NO Mommy, weal amuls
Me: I don’t think animals will like being in plastic eggs
Coco: We will put da weal baby amuls in weal eggies
Me: Sweetheart, we won’t be able to glue the shells back together after they are broken.
Coco: Den we will get weal eggs wif amuls alweady in dems, fwom da nests, in da jungle
Me: But the Mommies will cry and miss their babies
Coco: We will only take, just, only, one amul eggy
Me: I would notice if you took just one of my babies

Coco: Den, den we will take the Mommies with the babies, and I will walk dems evwy day

How can I argue with this?  
And since I will be busy collecting animal eggs and their jungle mothers, it’s a good thing I already have my Personal Creations Easter baskets.  

C-O-C-O is embroidered onto my animal-loving daughter’s bunny basket, while L-E-V-I is sewn into Mini-ster’s blue robot basket (which symbolically speaking already had his name all over it).  And did I mention, they already come complete with all the pastel delicacies. 
Which means, I can avoid the seasonal grocery aisle and it’s holiday inspired conversations. 
You’re welcome, now all you have to do is pick a basket out to match your Easter Finery.

Easter Basket c/o Personal Creations
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Photos by Breanne Johnson of Red Poppy Photo

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  1. says

    I love the way you put this all together. Like an old church slide film where you hear the story, see the slide, hear a little more of the story, see the slide … repeat… hehe – except in a very entertaining, hip way. : ) You are a great writer and so intelligent the way you put things together. : ) It was so fun to take these photos!

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