Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Fresh

Warm and Fresh can be further broken down into three varieties: Warm Spring (flowing into Warm & Rich), Light Spring (sharing pale similarities with Cool & Delicate), and Clear Spring (tilting into Cool & Brilliant).



Warm & Fresh (aka Spring)


Cool & Brilliant (aka Winter)
Warm & Rich (aka Autumn)
Cool & Delicate (aka Summer)
How to Pick your Best and Worst Colors (Get Started)

Discover which colors flatter you most and which you might want to avoid.  Completely virtual based on pictures and digital survey.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, thank you for this blog, very informative.

    I’m a clear spring, and I would like to dye my hair a bright, cherry red. Do you think this will bad?

  2. says

    Amanda here from! I had to check in here because I am on prednisone and putting on weight!
    I am now an apple. I blogged about you and your site today and need You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will delve into your site and try to find what will help me! Please check out my post from today. I posted your heading- hope that is okay.
    Pictures of my potato body is on the post for today. How do you dress a potato?
    Prednisone redistributes fat to your trunk. You get a double chin.
    AND it gives you the shoulder and back buffalo hump. How do you dress this sort of shape????? I tried to give some ideas that have helped. But in the end, I just gotta accept my shape and love it!!
    For now.

    If you have ideas…. a special post for potato people…. : )

    Would love it!!

  3. Birch says

    Hi, I´m a bit confused and I have hard time figuring out my colors. I seem to fit under light spring or warm spring. My hair is naturally golden blonde and my skin kind of peachy color. My eyes don´t seem to fit anywhere. There is this ochre colored sunburst action going on that is bordered with light,almost pastel green but the rest of my iris is gray. From the distance they look olive green.

  4. Florence says

    I’m so clueless if I’m a warm spring or a warm autumn. :( I have natural red hair, app. the kind of not-so-bright color Amy Adams dyes it, very fair ivory skin, some freckles on my nose and not-so-bright blue-grey eyes with a warm ring around the pupil. When I play around with clothes I find that warm spring colors are sometimes too bright and loud while warm autumn colors are sometimes too muted and boring. Do you have any recommendations for me? Thank you!

  5. says

    Hi Florence,

    Thanks for stopping by! I would love to help you. Unfortunately, I have been getting so many complimentary color typing requests, I was falling behind on my other orders. If you would like a color analysis, please find a button to buy the $12 color analysis service at the bottom of this post.

    Hope to hear from you again soon :)

  6. says

    Hmm! I find it interesting that you make it seem like dyeing one’s hair darker puts them into another season type. My natural hair color is a rich, cinnamon red-bronze of medium depth with golden highlights, but I often dye it auburn or orange and look fantastic as long as it’s very warm. Unless it’s green or coral, autumn colors are too muted for me, however, regardless of my hair color. Light, dark, or natural, I seem to look best in colors that are warm, clear, and light, in that order, and dyeing my hair doesn’t appear to change as long as the temperature is warm. (I’m 99% sure I’m a warm spring with a fair amount of contrast/brightness, by the way).

  7. Anonymous says

    I don’t know what season I am because I have neutral undertones.

    I am English, Sicilian, Polish, and have a little Cherokee. I have a lighter olive like complexion. I currently wear neutral ivory and/ or buff beige liquid foundations, and yellow toned powders make my skin look smoother.

    I have naturally dark blonde/light brown hair. I have clear turquoise eyes. They are bluer when I where cool colors and greener when I wear warm colors. Same with when I change my hair. The blonder the greener the darker the bluer.

    When I dye my hair medium to dark brown I feel more clear winter, but when I highlight my hair blonde I feel more clear spring.

    Jewelry…winter silver and summer gold.

    I often get compliments when I wear navy, turquoise/aqua, white, salmon/corals, gray, rosy pinks or purples. I look horrible in bright pure or burnt orange, lime green, mint (washes me out bad), light browns, and amber. I would love to know what seasonal color palette fits my description. Is it possible that my season changes with seasons?

  8. says

    Dying one’s hair doesn’t necessarily shift someone into a completely different season. If someone has dominantly warm or dominantly cool undertones in their skin, dying their hair may not impact their color choices dramatically.

    However, if they have a mixture of warm and cool tones, it can shift into a bordering group. For example my sister-in-law went from a blonde, light spring to a red headed, warm spring. Adding strawberry tones around her face shifted her undecided skin tone in decidedly warm territory.

    Hope that helps. But as you have already discovered, each person’s experience is unique, and experience should be trusted over theory.

  9. says

    I would be happy to help you diagnose your season. You’ve definitely got an interesting mix to work with :) Feel free to purchase a color analysis using the link at the bottom of the article above.

    Complimentary colors can vary between seasons as we add a tan to our skin or highlights to our hair. It’s usually not a dramatic shift, more likely one step left of right from your original location.

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  10. Anonymous says

    I’m questioning your clear spring. Emma Watson has dark brown eyes. How is that clear? If you are clear spring your eyes stand out more than your hair color. She has warm hair and cool eyes…

  11. says

    While I’d love to color drape Emma Watson personally and gaze into her lovely eyes, I’ve done the best I can with pictures. From what I could tell she had warm light topaz eyes. She does have cool elements to her skin which is why she is bordering into Winter. Hope that helps.

  12. Anonymous says

    There are actually many dark-eyes clear/bright springs actually draped. Google it and you’ll see! I know two dark-eyed Asian BSps personally, and they were draped by the best in the business.

  13. says


    I absolutely believe in the possibility of dark eyed springs. The information I laid out is just stereotypical, and each individual is unique. Color draping is definitely the best way to identify someone’s season.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. says

    I’m a wee bit confused on what I am. A clear spring or a cool summer? During the summer I get a more peach color and then in the winter I’m…well, white/blue. So I don’t know. Advice would be great!

  15. says

    Hi Mary,

    It’s difficult to distinguish without pictures and a few more details. If you’d like I’d be delighted to help you via a color analysis, available for purchase ($12) at the bottom of the post above.

    Our best colors can vary slightly between seasons as we add a tan to our skin or highlights to our hairSometimes its a a step left of right from your original location, yet still within your season. Other times you’ll stay in the same place but favor slightly different colors.

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  16. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have a question. I try to figure out my color pallete, but I seem to float between warm spring and warm autumn. I have medium brown hair with golden highlights and dark blue eyes and an yellowish skin. My best colors seem to be earthy tones and bright colors. Black is horrible on me. So am I completely wrong? Thanks in advance!

  17. says


    I would definitely say you are on the right track. If you’d like a comprehensive color evaluation. I offer them for $12 and they can be completed via e-mail. If you’re interested click on the link at the bottom of this post.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  18. says

    I have light brown hair (with natural golden highlights, brown eyes and quite fair skin (I’d say I’m a bit more towards yellow undertones).

    I thought that I could be a soft autumn but then I saw Emma Watson, who also has naturally light brown hair and brown eyes (just tanner skin than me) as a clear spring… How can I distinguish between the two?


  19. Anonymous says

    Hi. I think I’m a Clear Spring and I just purchased some metallic navy heels. Do you think this is a good color for my coloring? Thanks.

  20. says

    My Anonymous Clear Spring,

    Metallic Navy would absolutely compliment your skin tone, however, you can wear just about any color you want on your feet. Items near your face will make the strongest visual impact, but why not have glowing legs and feet too 😉

  21. says


    Skin tone is the biggest determinant when identifying your color season. Soft Autumns are likely to have peachy overtones (look at forehead, chin and cheeks) with yellow undertones (look at undereyes, around nose). Whereas a Clear Spring would have rosier overtones with slightly blue undertones.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to contact me for a color analysis if you still need assistance.


  22. Madelaine says

    Hi! I have a big problem finding out my season. I would really need some help.
    I have really light blonde hair (natural) with golden highlights. I have light ivory skin, and get freckels in the summer. When I tan it get more goldenbrown than pinkish. And therefor I think I’m a spring.
    But I got light bluegray eyes, and my overall coloring is light. I thought about being a light spring, but I feel like I am dissepearing in those light colors….so now I have started wondering if I’m maybe a summer or a warm spring ( I’m just completly lost ). Thanks for helping!
    Love Maddie.

  23. Anonymous says

    I am still having trouble with my season. It’s the eyes, I think. They’re bright blue (not leaning towards turquoise, no real flecks of any colour, perhaps some gray). My skinn is quite neutral, maybe slightly warm, and my natural hair is mid brown with a lot of gold highlights. Can you help me?

  24. Katrina says

    Hi! I want your help and am willing to pay, but the links for services don’t take me to a purchasing area. What I need, first and foremost, is a color analysis. When I was 18 I read Color Me Beautiful and took my non-descript (to me) brown hair and went blonde – and a lot of red came out. I looked great and wore autumn colors until five years ago. My hair won’t keep color in it anymore. It’s complete white in the front. Darkish, brownish in the back. I have blue eyes with a little bit of gold flecks around the pupil. My hair stylist colors my hair using only highlights and she uses warm colors because I want to stay in the warm colors. When I was dressing for autumn, that was easy to pick out those colors. But, now, I fluctuate between light autumn and some kind of spring and some kind of summer. I’m very confused because my body skin really is not blue-ish, it’s yellow-ish, but my face skin is reddish. I think olive green is great on me – some days. Periwinkle is my all time favorite. Peach always looks good on me. I am so not confident about my colors anymore. Help! Tell me where to sign up for your help. THANKS!

  25. Anonymous says

    I think your celebrity examples are not very accurate. There are especially mistakes at Warm Spring season: There is nothing warm and fresh in the appearances of Leona Lewis, Mandy Moore or Christina Hendricks. Dyeing your hair red doesn’t make you a Warm Spring. Christina’s skin tone and eyes are both cool. There is always clearness, warmth and goldness in the coloring of a Warm Spring. Those characteristics are lacking amongst celebrities mentioned above.

    • Reachel says

      While the only way to color type someone perfectly is through color draping, I have applied years of experience with hundreds of clients to color typing these celebrities through online pictures. A spring complexion is actually more blended, and can have subtle cool undertones, unlike a Warm Autumn, which is purely warm. I agree that clarity is a defining characteristic in Spring complexions. And I also agree that dying you’re hair red does not immediately transform you into a Warm Spring. Both blondes and brunettes can look their best in Warm Spring colors.

  26. Anonymous says

    I’m finding a hard time deciding wether I’m a light spring or light summer. I have a slight cool undertone but my hair is dark blonde with red and goldish highlights (natural) ugh

    • Anonymous says

      I just tested out some different clothes and I’m pretty sure I’m a light summer, which is great because I love the colours in that palette. Thanks for the page :)

    • Reachel says

      You definitely have warm undertones. I would suggest looking at Soft Summer or Soft Autumn. If you need assistance, I offer a virtual color analysis service.

  27. LadyVanHelsing says

    I’m a warm spring, but I have to draw the line at buff, apricot, and peach because they make me look like I’m not wearing anything, and I look awful in shades of red and pink.

    • says

      It’s definitely ok to rule out a color or two from your color category, but you also might want to look at Warm Autumn. Don’t get too hung up on your eyes being a slightly different color, etc. The biggest indicator of your complexion is your skin. Hope that helps :)

  28. Lina says

    Hello. I think I commenting on one of these post long time ago, but Ive a question
    Is it possible to have naturally both warm and cool characteriscs in your colorings – like warm skin but everything else is cool? (little bit like people with warm colorings who is going grey, except Im in my 20’s)

    Ive a warm pink very white-ish skintone which I know is clear/warm/light, but then my hair is a very deep ash blonde/brown (natural) and my eyes are in dark slate-blue colors which is more soft/cool/dark. Clear/Light Spring and Soft summer were the closest ones that matched my colorings, but a majority of the colors did not flattering me in some way.

    At first I thought I was Soft Autumn (Medium-Soft-Warm), because Ive more warm than cool and have soft colorings, but rich warm or “warm dirty” colors make me washed out (khaki and olive make my skintone jaudiced (sp?), while the lighter colors of the summer palettes wash me out making me look very pale, but could easily be adjusted with a pink-toned light bronzer and gold jewelry.
    Many bright colors tends to end up “the clothes are wearing you, not you wearing the clothes”, but they dont wash me out at all, they just a little too intense.
    Black and Navy seems to works better than any of the dark warm neutrals, although they are slightly too dark if worn monochromately (Ive medium value contrast) but when worn with warm pastel or lighter colors with gold jewelry, they are my best neutrals.
    Soft white and Taupe (if worn with gold) works alot better than khakis and yellow-beige. While my “nude” is clearly a very pale peachy-pink. (rosebeige conflicts with my skintone).

    So, its seems like Ive darker soft and cool Hair and Eyes but my skintone is warm, light and bright, almost the opposite in color theory. Clear Spring is the palette that works best for my skintone, but a bit intense for my hair and eyes. Soft Summer only works if teamed up with soft and warm colors because my skintone “conflicts” with the colors.

    Is this strange?
    All color analysing theories Ive been reading for years, I dont fit into any group and there are always a handful of colors in each group that are too bright, too cool or too warm. (i prefer to be self-taught and only ask when I find conflicts in the theories) .

    I can link to a picture:
    (my hair is half naturally, half bleached right now, because I growing out my natural hair. Comparing to the hair ends and my hair roots, I dont think my hair is golden. Also, my eye color looks bright blue in direct sunlight, otherwise they are more dark grey-ish blue like in this pic

    Sorry for a long comment. Color theory is one of my biggest hobbies to learn about! lolz 😉

    • says

      It’s definitely possible to have a neutral complexion (blends of warm and cool in hair, eyes, and skin). Based on your description, I’d probably look at Soft Summer or Light Spring. If you’re interested in a complete analysis, you can purchase one at the bottom of this post.

  29. Lisa says

    I never know what i’m, definitely not autumn, that’s for sure, i have medium brown hair with blond highlights, and to me it seems like my skin looks like it has warm undertones one day, and the next day they’re cool! Is this even possible? I have bright blue eyes and tan fast, and have a medium skin colour, definitely not brown! I never get sunburned, I don’t know whether or not that’s useful information. So a normal skin color, tans fast, bright blue eyes, never gets sunburned, undertone are different everyday, so maybe neutral? Which type is this? I hope you can help me.

    • says

      It’s definitely possible to have warm and cool undertones in your skin. I would look into Clear Spring especially if you have bright blue eyes. If you’d like me to do a thorough analysis, there’s a link at the bottom of the post. Good luck!

  30. Laura says

    Hi Reachel!
    I ordered the color analysis through the paypal link because I need some help – I seem to be a mix of things and I just can’t pin it down. I feel like my hair (strawberry blonde) is warm, and my eyes are blueish but tinged with warm flecks. My skin seems to have some pinkish tones, but also has tons of freckles so seems warmer? Also, the veins in my wrist are blue in some spots, green in others!
    Hoping you can help me pin it down, I’m afraid I’ve been wearing all the wrong colors for a long time… I wear a lot of black, blue and some teal, but also like corals, tans and mint.

    I paid through paypal but I’m not sure what to do next. I took a bunch of photos of my face, hair, eyes and wrist closeups, but I wasn’t sure if I should e-mail them to you? I’m sure you probably had instructions somewhere and I just didn’t look close enough so sorry if I’m asking something you’ve answered already. :)

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

    • says

      Thanks for sending these details. I did get your paypal order, and would love for you to send me a headshot as well as a close up of your eye if you haven’t already. Can’t wait to work with you! :)

    • says

      Hi Laura,
      You definitely sound like a neutral skin tone, probably in a spot in between seasons. I’m looking forward to sending you your full diagnosis. Thanks so much for placing an order. I think you should have received a link to the survey, but if you haven’t already, send me all the pictures you took of your hair, eyes, and wrist. Can’t wait to meet you virtually.

  31. Claudia B. says

    Hello Reachel,

    I really like your “easy way” to determine one’s season. But sadly most of the celebrity examples are wrong. This is confusing for beginners. :(

    • says

      Without being able to color drape each of the celebrities, it’s difficult for me to confirm that I’ve actually color typed each perfectly. However, with nearly 10 years as a personal style consultant, and experience typing thousands of individuals, I’m confident of each of the examples I’ve given as an indicator to help others identify their own categories.

    • says

      I’m not familiar enough with the Clinique line to make a solid recommendation, but if you take your color sheet into Clinique, they should be able to help you pick out some flattering options.

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