Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Cool & Brilliant

Cool and Brilliants can be further broken down into three varieties: Cool Winter (flowing into Cool & Delicate), Clear Winter (flowing into Warm & Fresh), and Deep Winter (sharing deep, dark depths with Warm & Rich).

*(icy describes a pure color tinted with white, it is not muddied with gray or other undertones like a powdery pastel)

Cool & Brilliant (aka Winter)

Cool & Delicate (aka Summer)
Warm & Fresh (aka Spring)
Warm & Rich (aka Autumn)
How to Pick your Best and Worst Colors (Get Started)

Discover which colors flatter you most and which you might want to avoid.  Completely virtual based on pictures and digital survey.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, I found this today, and after looking through all the different coloring charts, I couldn’t find one that fits. I’m closest to the deep winter (DARK brown eyes, cool light beige skin) but my hair has natural red and gold highlights in it…. Wondered if it makes a huge difference in what colors look best, or if it’s mostly about skin tone?

  2. says

    My Anonymous Alexis Bledel fan,

    I think it’s definitely possible that Alexis might be a clear spring, the only way to tell for sure would be a color draping. The reason I typed her as a Clear Winter was the drama of her features, particularly her eyes. They are so brilliant and intense which is typical of winters. Unfortunately different lighting will bring out different tones in the skin, so it’s only a best guess for now :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi Rachel,
    I came out as a bright winter and I’m in trouble to find a right lipstick shade. even if I was told that there aren’t “nudes” lipsticks for my season, I was looking for an every day or at least less noticeable shade of lipstick but I found that bright pink shade or liliac based shades don’t suit me very much and they seem lavish for me. I’ve very dark brown eyes and very dark cool hair and my skintone is light/medium cool olive. I’ve also tried soft red shades as strawberry lipglosses or fire red glosses infact my mouth undertone is something near to red but many of these shades are too orange and warm for me. cool Magenta instead seems too cold and severe for me. What shades can I try?
    thank you

  4. says

    My Anonymous Lipstick Seeker,

    Wearing bright, strong colors on your lips can be a little frightening at first. But trust me, those bold shades look great on a deep winter and it does not look as intense to anyone else.

    However, I understand that there are days around the house when you don’t want to exhibit so much charisma around your mouth.

    For those times, I would recommend a soft icy pink or a sheer blue-burgundy. Also, pay attention to the formula of the lipsticks you sample. If you haven’t already, explore a lustre finish. It has a sheer finish with high shine, it allows you to apply subtle hints of strong colors.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. says


    I’m thinking about my colors for couple of weeks. Your webpage is GREAT and I love it (not only for color help).
    But still, I have problem :(
    Maybe I describe myself :P

    Hair: mouse brown (with typical grey shade) but in summer I used to have subtle red highlights but after couple of hair experiments :) now I have golden highlights

    Eyes: mutted green with hazel spots and blue ring around iris

    Skin tone: I have huge problem with choosing foundation. It changes for 1 tone through seasons. In summer, when I’m tanned and compare to my mums skin tone, she has golden brown and I – dirty. Yes, it’s great word which describes my skin tone in summer. It looks like I had work all day in dusty road.
    In winter it’s more pale but without pink tones, more yellow.

    So I started with clear spring. Hair color is ok, even eyes but I look terrible in black. Next is cool summer,but I my eyes have warm shade. Maybe deep autumn? Orange and orange tones are the worst choice. Totally not mine. Last chance – deep winter. Again, black. When I’m tanned I look quite good in bright colors but now – not.

    Please help me :)

  6. Anonymous says

    I used to look good in black but now tend to find it too overpowering (47 recently) :-(
    I now find I like to wear animal prints with solids.
    When I was young my hair was a very light brown or dark blonde, now it is almost black naturally.
    My skin is olive, although I don’t get in the sun much. If I do, my face goes red and by the next day I am tanned. I look like the deep autumns but look terrible in those colours, I like to wear black and whereas I used to wear gold I now tend toward silver and black jewellery. My eyes look like the deep winter.
    I wear natural beige makeup, lipsticks pink reds and chestnuts, chocolate lippy is too harsh. If I attempt neutral lipsticks to soften ageing, I look washed out as my eyes are quite dark hazel. They once were very deep brown.
    Can you help?

  7. Anonymous says

    Attempt wardrobe edits regularly as I find that ageing means a change of style, yet the black stays, just not around the face anymore. Sweetheart necklines, empire waists, round necks are ok, but a solid black trench-coat just went on the out pile today as it was just too heavy black. That leaves quite a big question mark. Red, always stays but not a harsh red, leopard skin stays, beige in coats but not clothing, rosy pink. Could I be a summer? I think I would have been classified as a summer when I was younger. Golden brown hair, olive skin and deep brown eyes were my portion in those long ago days.

  8. Anonymous says

    I have had issues with this system for ages; not because I don’t think it’s accurate, but because I never fit into any category, and I’m afraid I am an outlier. I have dark ash brown hair and dark brown eyes. My skin is very, very pale and beige. I tan quickly and darkly in the sun. I cannot wear cool toned makeup or I look garish. I can wear a very select neutral palette. Peach tones in foundations make me look ill and pink tones make me look worse. I find yellow to beige foundations flattering. I look great in black and white clothing, as well as periwinkle blue, navy, and dark grey. I look terrible in purple. lavender, green, orange, brown, red, blue and yellow. I have a fear that I am “nothing” when it comes to coloring.

  9. says

    Age Related Anonymous,
    Aging is an interesting component to coloring. As we mature we loose pigmentation in our hair, eyes, cheeks, and lips. It definitely influences the colors which flatter us best. While it may narrow the range of options, it shouldn’t leave exclusively in neutrals. I recommend exploring some of the options in cool winter to see what works. Hopefully it introduces a few new ideas.


  10. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this website. I have spent much time throughout the years trying to determine my season–but your three tools made it so easy. I now know I am warm and fresh–a clear spring. The eye chart was the tool that was so revealing for me. Again, thank you for making so simple to understand something that others made so convoluted.

  11. says

    I am having a little difficulty pinpointing my exact season. Here are my characteristics:

    Skin: neutral skin tone, usually get makeup in a light beige. Any makeup with too much pink or yellow makes me look bad. Usually the eye makeup and colors I wear can make me look more cool or more warm. Also the lighting can change whether I’m cool or warm. I can wear both gold and silver easily.

    Eyes: sunburst pattern, from center they are medium brown, then topaz, then charcoal grey. From far away the topaz kinda gets lost so they look medium to light brown, but the gold flecks sparkle in sunlight.

    Hair: dark neutral brown, almost-black.

    I thought at first I might be deep winter but most of those colors are too strong for me. So I teeter between Clear Winter and Clear Spring because I can wear colors from both, but still confused because I am neither warm nor cool. I can wear black but without the right makeup it can be too strong for me. Neutral grey, navy and taupe are my best neutrals. Flame red looks better than burgundy, but bright pink is better than salmon. Help!

  12. Alicia says

    Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me which winter I am? Here‘s a picture of me. My hair has absolutely no dye in it. I am wearing foundation. Any help will be appreciated, thank you! :)

    • says

      My first guess would be Clear Winter, because you have such striking green eyes, but you could also be Clear Spring depending on your skin and natural hair color. If you’re interested in a virtual color analysis, follow the link at the bottom of the post. Hope that helps.

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