What to Wear for A Family Photo

November Twenty-Sixth, Twenty-Eleven.
The anointed date of my baby wedding.  When the tiny, squishy hand of our toddling daughter will be placed on ours and sealed to our family for eternity.  Two years of anticipation garners a suitable jubilee and baby engagement photos.   




H&M (Sweater, Corduroys, Fedora), Janie & Jack (Shirt)

Banana Republic (Shirt, Khakis), J.Crew (Sweater)

In selecting photo friendly sets, aspirations were aimed to:

1) Keep it natural.  Newer does not equal better.  Careening to procure the allure of a new wardrobe could end in a photographed fashion fatality.  Opting for a strong and experienced ensemble, allows you to capture a true memory rather than an unfavorable illusion.  Shopping your closet captures you rather than a trend.
2) Select a color scheme, but don’t waste time, money, or creativity in mirroring a single static hue.  Blending color harmonies offers rich dimensional results read more…
3) Use consistent patterns.  If one photo member dons a patterns, make sure they aren’t alone on a loud pattern island.  Conform to consistent use of patterns (both scale and contrast) or solids, so that each individual holds equal visual weight and interest read more…


Shabby Apple


H&M (Jeans, Sweater, Shirt), Janie & Jack (Bowtie)
Vintage (Cap)

Banana Republic (Sweater, Shirt), AG (Denim)


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Which option do you favor?
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