How to Measure and Identify your Body Type


Before we can declare your body type, we need to do some measurements. I repeat measurements, not judgments. These are unimpassioned numbers that help us determine how to rule our empires. They are not estimations of self worth.

So here are the steps:

1. Get into your dainties – most of us don’t wear clothes on top of clothes, so for accuracy’s sake, disrobe. While measuring, keep the tape taut (not too tight, not too loose). You may want a friend, of an intimate nature since you are exposed, to help you (mother, sister, husband).

2. Measure your bust – across the fullest part of your of your bosom and straight across the back.

3. Measure your waist – somewhere in the vicinity of your navel. Feel for a curvature and get the circumference.

4. Measure your hips – navigate the tape around the fullest part of your bottom, around the curve of your hips, and straight across to the front.

5. A little math – don’t worry, just get a calculator or use my spreadsheet below.

  • Divide the hip number by your waist number (hip/waist)
  • Divide your bust number by your waist number (bust/waist)
  • Divide your waist number by your hip number (waist/hip)
  • Divide your waist number by your bust number (waist/bust)

I even made you this nerdy spreadsheet to assist. (Click the edit button in the upper right then enter your measurements in the “YOU” column.


Upper Figure (Ample Bust)
Hourglass (Curvy)
Middle Figure (Soft Tummy)
Lower Figure (Full Hip, Bottom)
Linear (Straight, Athletic)

1 hundred 98 cents = your own upper figured fashion look book cheat sheet.

Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book includes your own upper figure rules of conduct and much more.Consultation will be conducted online.  Delivery will also be completed online unless otherwise requested.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for virtual delivery.* 

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  1. says

    I always have a hard time with the hip measurement…being a full pear bottomed girl myself…the biggest (you are so sweet to say “fullest”) does not coincide with the biggest (again, you say curve) of my hips. So, where is the best place? I may need to work with you – you are fantastic – I saw you once at Domestic Bliss when I brought my daughter in for a “Make and take” day.

  2. says

    Hi Meredith. Go with the fullest part of your seat for your hip measurement. But also get a measurement of your thigh circumference. Having both measurements will help you determine whether tailoring your clothes make sense. If your strong, sturdy thighs have more volume than the average person who shares your hip and waist size, you may need to make adjustments to your trousers before they fit you properly.

  3. says

    um ok so listen, this might be my new fav blog, just so you know :) and why dont you live in utah so you can teach me how to dress :( k i am going to measure myself tomorrow!!!
    Vanessa from

  4. says

    Just finding your blog and loving it! Quick question about the measuring. When you say “get into your dainties” (and I’m particulary talking about the bust, obvioulsy) should I leave on the bra to measure…or measure without the bra?

  5. says

    you can always measure the breadth of your shoulders and compare it to the breadth of your hips and waist. However, most of the time if your shoulders are broad, your chest is also proportionately broad. Therefore the chest circumference measurement will take this feature into account.

  6. says

    My measurements fit in both the middle and linear shapes. 86% and 88% I don’t know which shape to identify with. I have a small bust. And sometimes my soft post baby tummy is more apparent than my bust. So that makes pretty much anything look bad.

  7. says

    Hi Rachel thanks for helping lots of people to figure out their body type. You make it easy! I do have a question about your excel file, you said there are 4 measures you have to get:

    Bust to Waist
    Hip to Waist
    Waist to Bust
    Waist to Hip

    But in the well endowed conditions there is one that states the following:

    “Less than or equal to .75 on Bust to Hip”

    This is one measure you didn’t request should it be included? or did you mean one of the first 4 you requested instead?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. says


    Shoulder width can definitely make a difference in body typing. If you shoulders are wider than your hips, the strawberry rules actually still apply. Rather than diminishing your bust your diminishing the breadth of your shoulder-line. Just as some lower figure are diminishing their hipline rather than a booty. Same rules still apply overall.

    Hope that helps :)

  9. says

    This is a great blog! I love that it uses actual measurements instead of just perception. I am having a hard time understanding which category I would fall into. I seem to fall into all three, full hip, well endowed, and curvy? How do I narrow it down to the right one?

  10. says

    In the excel chart, there weren’t categories for middle figure or linear. How do I know which I am? It looks like the ratios for the linear and middle figure are the same. Is that right? Or what is the different between the two? My hip and bust are the same measurement, does that make me linear? I’m pretty petite all around, yet still have post baby pooch so I can’t tell which of the two figures I fall into…Thanks for any insight you can give. :)

  11. says

    Haha, I just came to check if there was a response and saw that a year ago I asked pretty much the same question! Sorry. If my bust and hip are the same and middle is less 36-34-36 is that linear, but if middle is more then the hip and bust then thats middle figure? I just fluxate…

  12. Violeta says

    Hi Reachel,
    Your blog has helped me a lot! I did my measurement carefully, but my body type is not clear to me. I am an exact linear figure except for my hips/waist that equals 1,29. Am I linear or lower figure? I definetely feel like a linear figure and my hips aren’t really wide in comparisson to my upper part (I look pretty much straight).
    My numbers are:

    Could you help me? Thank you SO much for sharing all your creativeness and inspiring ideas!
    Greetings from Uruguay!

  13. Samantha Rose says

    My measurements are 43, 36, 51. After the calculations, I discovered that I didn’t really fit anywhere. What would you suggest?

  14. Tin says

    I may not be looking at the right place but I’ve used 3 different browsers (Safari, Chrome, & IE) but can’t seem to find the “Edit” button referred to on the instructions. Even changed from my iPhone to my desktop – thinking it must be a display version issue – still the same result :(

    • Reachel says

      Sorry about that. I think I finally figured out the problem. Please feel free to enter your own measurements again.

    • Reachel says

      Mercedes, I just changed the editing rights of the embedded spreadsheet. Feel free to try and enter your measurements again. Good luck.

      • mercedes says

        Thanks, rounder and softer is the same as lean and angular? sorry but i dont understand. my formulas are hp 1,28, bw 1,18, wh 0,78, wb 0,85, what is my body type? thanks!

  15. Susie says

    I’m so confused – my measurements seem to indicate 2-3 of the body types, and I am not sure what I am. My stats are: b/w- 1.24, h/w – 1.28, w/b – .80, w/h – .78. My hip and bust are only an inch apart, but my waist is definitely visible. I consider myself thin, but I don’t think I have a model-type figure at all (maybe if I was 10-15 pounds lighter – I have always been fairly skinny, I guess, but after 4 kids I’m not as thin as I once was.) I guess I am mostly linear, but I don’t really think the clothes from that description suit me. Help!

    • says

      Based on your numbers alone, I would look at the hourglass body type. It’s probably a slight hourglass, but there are definitely more curves than a linear body type. If you’d like more assistance, I offer a full body type analysis + color and signature style discovery in the lookbook service. If you’re interested, feel free to link to my services page at

  16. Mel says

    Thanks for the tutorial. My measurements indicate hour glassy (b/w 1.3 h/w 1.38 w/b 0.76 and w/h. 0.72) …but I look more rectangle shaped due to a short, short waist from high hip bones. This can make me look blocky (!) , do I still follow the rules set out for these measurements or another shape? Seriously my waist is really short…and my shoulders are square and the same width as hips.

    • says

      Hourglass figures commonly have short waists as well as equivalent hip and shoulder widths. It’s important for your clothes to circle in around your narrow waist. Use belts, tailoring, or knits to achieve this goal. I don’t think the Linear recommendations would serve you as well. But since you do have strong architecture, you can experiment with fluid shapes which don’t necessarily hold but do float and showcase your shape. Think boyfriend tees in thin knits, dropped shoulder tees, and dolman or batwing sleeves on top. If you are on the taller side, you can experiment with fluid wide legs, sailor styles, and flares on bottom. Regardless, do your best to either hug your waist or at the least don’t hide it underneath a thick, blocky fabric. :)

  17. Kristy says

    My bust is 33, my waist 26 and hips 33. My hip waist ratio is 1.269 same for my bust waste ratio. My waste hip is .7878 same for my waste bust. With these ratios I am all 5 body types. What am I really?

    • says

      Kristy, I think hourglass would be the best fit for you. Although your waist/bust and waist/hip ratios are slightly off the .75 threshold, your bust/waist and bust/hip are clearly over the 1.25 ratio. That’s why I do two sets of ratios, just as a backup. Hope that helps.

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