Hiding the Bump – Dressing for the First Trimester

For the last thirteen weeks, I have been dressing for two. Yes!! I am pregnant with our soon-to-be fourth child.  That’s an amazing miracle for someone who dealt with 7 years of infertility and didn’t know if they’d have a first child, let alone a fourth.

So congratulations to me and congratulations to you, if you too are dressing for two. Now while you may be shimmering with joy, you may not want to alert the press yet. If you’d prefer to keep your pea-sized person classified for the time being, or if you’d just like to feel comfortable and pretty during your first trimester, allow me to introduce my verified checklist, as well as sampling of 8 first trimester ready outfits.


Here are the 8 pieces I used to put together 8 outfits.  If you want my complete first trimester pregnancy checklist, click the link.


H&M Draped Blouse (Similar) | J.Crew Blazer | AG Ankle Leggings | Banana Republic Ninah Heels | & Apparel Necklace, Old (Similar) | Sunglasses, Old (Similar)

My first tip is to apply layers liberally. Long sweaters and tailored jackets over fluid tops enact a forcefield of mystery.  Longer is leaner, so stretch and flatten your torso with layers that extend to at least the hipline

For bottoms, see if you can buddy up with a sister or friend with pants about one size larger than you. This is a short lived period and you don’t want to break the bank buying a wardrobe you can only wear for 12 weeks. If you do buy, looks for pieces that you can wear post-partum.


Banana Republic Soft Wash Gingham ShirtAnthropologie Dotted Jacquard SkirtBanana Republic Rorie Wedge | & Apparel Necklace, Old (Similar) |

Button-up blouses offer the right amount of structure and flexibility, effortlessly concealing the rising bun in your oven.  Feel free to sprinkle your belly muffin with prints which keep the eye moving, concealing abdominal variations. But be sure you wear an oxford blouse that accommodate your burgeoning bust.   In other words, no peek-a-boo buttons. If closures gap from any angle, employ a safety pin or keep it unbuttoned and wear a tank underneath.

A-line skirts and dresses make even a growing waist appear proportionately smaller when compared with the resulting flounce and flare below.


Anthropologie Fur Finished Tee | Anthropologie Vegan LeggingsBanana Republic Ninah Heels | J.Crew Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace | Kate Spade Bixby Clutch, Old (Similar)

Relatively boxy tops look architectural rather than suspicious. Opt for something with a bit of weight or texture if possible.

Channel your inner celebrity-evading-paparazzi, by holding a statement purse in front of the baby-to-be as you stroll.

Leggings with a bit of stretch are a basic you can continue to employ throughout your pregnancy. A waistband that ends at the fullest part of your uterus will provide the best coverage.


 Banana Republic High Low Blouse | J.Crew Blazer | Banana Republic Sloan Fit Geo Pencil Skirt | J.Crew Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace

This fit of this next outfit may seem counter intuitive, but stay with me. The tailored fit of the pencil skirt creates a flat front minimizing your growing belly, and the camouflaging print intensifies the effect

Tucking a fluid blouse into a mid-rise bottom actually creates a bit of volume cradling your dear one to be.


H&M Draped Blouse (Similar) | Anthropologie Vegan LeggingsBanana Republic Ninah Heels | | Sunglasses, Old (Similar)

Draping, rouching and other embellishments, including ruffles and peplums, tastefully disguise organic undulations as folds of fabric.

Since your belly may be quite tender at present avoid anything tight or binding along the waistband. If possible borrow or buy a size larger than you typically wear.


Banana Republic Soft Wash Gingham ShirtAnthropologie Fur Finished TeeAG Ankle Leggings | Banana Republic Rorie Wedge | | Sunglasses, Old (Similar)

While I recommend harvesting as much as you can from your existing wardrobe, there are some things you are going to need to buy immediately. One is a new bra. Before your tummy even promises protrusion, your lady eggs enlarge.  Purchase a basic bra to carry you through the swells and strains of gestation.

To combat tummy creep and secure trousers without squishing your unborn child get yourself a rubber-band to extend your button loop or purchase a transition band.  Pants plus band offers security sans a fastened button and zipper.   Both can take your pre-pregnancy jeans through at least the middle of your pregnancy.


 Banana Republic High Low Blouse | Anthropologie Dotted Jacquard SkirtBanana Republic Ninah Heels | J.Crew Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace | & Apparel Necklace, Old (Similar)

Few looks are more slimming than a uniform hue, but don’t assume black is the only option. Employe a shirred jersey dress, or make your own A-Line dress by combining a similarly hued blouse and skirt.

Instead of empire blouses which will make you appear prematurely plump, opt for fluid tunic blouses. You can wear them untucked over trousers (they’ll cover that rubber-band) or you can tuck them into slimming skirts.


Anthropologie Fur Finished TeeBanana Republic Sloan Fit Geo Pencil Skirt | Banana Republic Rorie Wedge | & Apparel Necklace, Old (Similar)

Finally, remember your accessories. Nothing distracts like shiny baubles and fancy shoes. Live up your heels which you may have to abandon in the later swells of gestation. Scarves can also provide a great distraction.


And as promised a first trimester checklist to ensure you have everything you need to glow through your first 12 weeks.

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