Laundry Wars: Persil Laundry Detergent Review


This St. Patrick’s Day, little Irish trespassers left my children Belgian chocolate.  So it was only fitting that I got German Persil to counteract the mischievous effects.   Persil used to be available exclusively in overseas locations, but now it’s available domestically at Wal-Mart.

Now let me start by airing a little dirty laundry.  Before Andrew and I had children contributing to our dirty laundry baskets, we didn’t really pay much attention to laundry detergent.  I’d buy the cheapest.  I even made my own.  Our clothes were hardly ever dirty to be honest, possibly smelly, usually in need of freshening, but rarely “dirty”.

But starting in 2010, laundry detergent became a priority.  One leaky baby became three (soon to be four) and when they weren’t soiling their own clothes they were spreading films on ours. Parents are human tissues, towels, or napkins depending on the situation.

I believe in the value of well-made clothing, and I wanted a quality detergent to keep them stain free.  After referencing Consumer Reports, I formed my brand loyalty and haven’t looked back since.


Until the Germans made a move for my washer drum.  Having heard rumors of the deutschland-born detergent’s competitive cleaning powers, I measured the ProClean Power Liquid into my washer’s dispenser. (Quick PSA – never overdose your washer on laundry detergent, especially premium laundry detergent.  If you use to much, you actually risk damaging your clothes or at least wearing them out more quickly.)

Back to the review,  I judge a detergent by it’s ability to remove surprise stains.  The stains you didn’t know about when you start the wash and only discover when they’ve been heat-set by the dryer, and you are left folding a top which will forever wear a spaghetti stain scar.  There were no surprises when I pulled those fresh, bright, fluffy tiny clothes out of the dryer drum.  I know it removed popsicle, balsamic vinegar, and chocolate, and I guarantee it washed away several stains that I’ll never have the pleasure to meet.


Next up was whites.  I wear white under my clothes every day, and it tends to acquire tinges of green, yellow and every other color but white with every wash.  I experimented with the ProClean Power Pearls with Pro-White technology, and was nothing less than delighted.  It renewed my dingy underpants to their former splendor without stiffening the fabric.

The Proclean Powertabs were also very effective, however, I prefer the liquid laundry detergent because I can use slightly less detergent or slightly more detergent depending on the size of my filth.  What I love about them is that they are designed to dissolve in any water temperature, so you can use cool water in the wash cycle.

Between Persil experiments, I actually did a batch of darks with my regular detergent (I’ll give you a hint it starts with a “T” and ends with an “ide”).  I didn’t notice any stains, but it didn’t smell as fresh as my Persil loads.  And speaking of scents, I like the scent, but it may be too strong for some.  If you are sensitive to smells or detergents in general on your skin, I would try the Sensitive Skin formula.

In all, I was very impressed with the Persil ProClean line.  I tried their whole line, and had nothing but sparkling experiences.

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How to Escape a Style Rut


So I have a confession.  Even as a stylist, I have my own fashion ruts.  I wanted ideas on how to break out of my outfit formulas.  This idea is what inspired Circle of Stylists: Myself, AVE Styles, The Girls with Glasses, and Whippy Cake got together for a literal round of makeovers where everyone got and gave a makeover.  And since each of us has a very distinct style, we all walked away with ideas on how to shake up our sartorial routine.

I got to makeover Summer Bellessa.  The taller half of The Girls with Glasses is a model, an editor, an actress, a mom, and one of the most capable, genuine people you will ever meet.  (And I may have been a little bit intimidated to style this icon.)  Luckily she made it easy.  It turns out it’s effortless for her to go all out in front of the camera or an audience, but behind the scenes, it’s a little less glamorous.  Before she was defaulting to sweats or a t-shirt and jeans.  Here is her after:


Lattice Top || Tassel Necklace || Track Pant || Wedges

I started with a track pant, because they’re cousins to sweat pants, only chicer.  I then added a top in a color that would flatter her complexion.  This is enough for working at home, but if she wants to elevate it another notch for errands or casual meetings, she can add the wedges and a sturdy necklace which can stand up to her toddlers and the paparazzi.

If you too have found yourself repeating the same outfit day after day, keep following the circle.


To see my style rut and makeover, head over to Alex Evjen at AVE Styles


A big thanks to Le Tote for helping us outfit everyone for their makeover.  I love this service, especially now that I’m pregnant, and constantly shuffling through sizes. Here’s how it works.  A Le Tote Stylist sends me a box based on my fashion profile.  I can then wear it as long as I like, keep what I want, and send the rest back.  Once I do, a new box is on it’s way.




To see all of the makeovers, follow the links below.

Alex Evjen of AVE Styles (The “All Black” Default)

Summer Bellessa of the Girls with Glasses (Work from Home Casual Rut)

Becki Crosby of Whippy Cake (Nothing but Tunics Mommy Wear)

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