5 Best Nursing Bras Reviewed

Newborn Mothers.

I would like to make a meal for your family.  I pine to do your dishes while you take a nap.  My heart itches to color drape your baby and buy him/her an appropriately hued onesie.

At the least, please let me give you a postpartum makeover.  The following video will ensure that your wholly organic bottles will not drip out of their supports.  These selections will flex through engorgement, and open before you sweet one can protest.

Video Wardrobe:

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    Can I just say, thank you thank you, a thousand times thank you!!! I’m due in April and I have no clue about what to buy with regard to nursing bras. This really helped a lot!

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    Thank you so much for doing this video! I am also due in April with my 4th child and I have NEVER had a good nursing bra! This time around I promised myself I would splurge and buy at least one good nursing bra! It is so uncomfortable to be wearing a bad bra but it is even worse with a nursing bra, especially if you nurse for a long time! Thank you sooo much!

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    Yes! I am so glad you posted these. I wore the same bras the second time around for nursing, and I am DEFINITELY getting new ones for this third baby coming soon. Your picks look like great options!

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