How to Pick your Best & Worst Colors

When it comes to color, there may be options in your closet that shouldn’t have made the qualifying race. Wearing the wrong color can make you ill. Sallow, ashen, and muddy complexions are all signs of color contamination. And the only protection against chromatic allergies is color composition cognizance, specifically, knowing your color category.

And you can start here:

Cool & Delicate (aka Summer)
Cool & Brilliant (aka Winter)
Warm & Fresh (aka Spring)
Warm & Rich (aka Autumn)

Or you could also follow the pattern of your eyes:


If you find yourself stuck betwixt boxes, fear not, you may belong between. 

The illustrated color wheel dynamically directs as we dye hair, tan skins, contact color eyes, or age.  But to begin, it’s best to analyze our natural roots.

Skin Tone


Natural Hair Color

Review the 12 options diagrammed below, and comment on your color category?  Does it match up with your personal experience?

Discover which colors flatter you most and which you might want to avoid.  Completely virtual based on pictures and digital survey.

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  1. says

    I’m a Spring – a warm one (I think). I have natural strawberry blonde/red hair, blue/grey/green eyes, and peachy undertones in my very fair, though not particularly freckled skin. I probably look most similar to Bryce Howard (at least in this photo – I think my hair is lighter). I had a hard time growing up with a mother who has roughly the same hair color but is an autumn (darker hair, brown eyes, lots of freckles when younger) and took it for granted that we were the same…NOT true.

  2. Amber says

    Hmmm… I think I am either a light spring or a light summer. I can’t quite settle on which one. And also, it appears that I have been wearing all the wrong colors! :) Thanks for breaking it down so well. I think it will prove
    to be very helpful to me

    • Acer says

      Gold based skin or blue based skin?

      Silver jewelry or gold jewelry? Not both.

      Is Purple or yellow better? If purple you are blue based, if yells you are gold.
      In you case spring is light Gold. Summer is dark silver.

  3. says

    People have a hard time with my season, but I think I figured it out.

    I think I am a clear winter or a clear spring because I can wear both of those colors. Your little pinwheel chart was helpful because it had something in between…a lot of websites are really confusing.

    My eyes are dark, but still an amber jewel tone which is what throws people off.

    • Acer says

      Purple and yellow is a quick and dirty test to determine cool or warm skin tone.

      Would you wear a purple or yellow shirt? ( not fluorescents).

      If yellow, then you have gold toned skin. Put you hold your arm next to someone you know that has either salt and pepper hair ( blue based) or red hair (gold based) it should be obvious which you are!

  4. says

    What a very helpful chart! I went right away to the navy/royal blue as my absolute best neutral, and from there found myself at “light and cool”, a Summer. In my twenties I had my colours done and was pinned for a spring, which almost worked but not all of the time. I always look better in white than in cream. Could I be a “Light Summer”?

  5. says

    Frances Tyrell,

    I would definitely categorize you on the cooler summer side of the continuum. However, I would consider soft summer over light summer based on your profile pic. If you have gone have added more blonde or gray to your hair since, you may have settled into light summer however.

    Good luck,

  6. says

    What do you do if you have slate eyes (they change color from blue/green to pure grey with a white/yellow ring around the iris), WHITE skin (face cream, body olive), and strawberry hair that goes from light (summer) to medium (winter)? I think i look best in blacks, reds, and beige, but I wouldn’t mind more colours to add to that.

  7. says

    This is FASCINATING! I have always wondered why certain colors look good and others look meh.

    I *think* I’m somewhere between a clear spring and a winter? I have ivory skin, hazel eyes (blueish green with an amber center) and brown hair… But I could be wrong, I suppose! I always get compliments when I wear bright royal blues- I think I know why now! Of course, I wish I could nail down which one I really am so I could figure out my best color palette. LOL

    This is just such a neat way to try and figure out what colors work best.

  8. says

    I believe I am a warm spring or warm autumn, somewhere in the warm neighborhood. I have reddish golden blonde hair and greenish brown eyes with A LOT of gold in them as well as ivory skin.

  9. says


    I can’t seem to figure out what season I am. I seem to lean towards a cool winter or cool summer, I think. Please help…

    – look much better in navy and charcoal, than cream and brown
    – bluish veins
    – can’t decide if my skin is neutral beige or rosy
    – greyish blue eyes with a circle of yellow brown circle around the pupil.
    – dark brown hair (with a slight red tinge though!)
    – I don’t look good in black at all
    – I look washed out in light pastels

    Thanks! (Can I email you a photo if the characteristics seem contradicting?)

  10. Cristina says

    Hi, totally love your blog!Still, I’m not sure if I’m a Deep Winter or a Deep Autumn, I can’t decide if I’m cool or warm, could I be just neutral? I have natural almost black hair, with some brown underlights(and salt and pepper), olive skin with some pale freckles and rosy cheeks (also, I tan easily, deep brown eyes with deep charcoal ring and no green undertones, and about my veins I can’t decide if their ar bluish or greenish…I naturally tend towards the deep winter colors, as I look horrible in yellow or orange based colors.

  11. says

    Had my colours done once and was told I was a Deep Autumn on the border of a Deep Winter… so I tried to base my wardrobe around that yet, I found it made my olive skin look sallow and yellow. I feel really good in deep chocolate and watermelon reds.
    After finding this page I scanned down the first skin tone and I leaned toward beige and brown rather than blue and grey. That took me to a warm and deep, but then the eyes confused me because my eyes identical to the cool and brilliant. I look more like the colouring of Liz Taylor in her emerald green dress, now in my later years and had more olive skin in my earlier years (must be the inability to get outside into the sunshine with 6 children). Who am I?
    At present I wear black a lot because I really can’t find my best colours.
    Who am I?
    Would like to find a basic neutral and have accessories around that in a colour that I KNOW suits me.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Pardon the earlier response, i didn’t edit first.

  12. Starbucks4m says

    Could you please help me figure out my colors? I have dark blue eyes and medium brown hair that has hints of red when the sun shines on it. A makeup artist told me I have yellow undertones and I tan fairly easy. I like wearing blues and grays, but even though I like black, I don’t think it’s very flattering with my skin color. I also hesitate about wearing yellow because I don’t think it does anything for me.

  13. says

    Based on your description, I would categorize you as a Deep Autumn. Every feature doesn’t need to line up exactly with the description, and the actual application of color makes the biggest difference. If you feel good in the color, that is the strongest indicator.
    Good luck dear,

  14. Maggie says

    Hi, I love your blog.

    I have no idea what type I am and go nuts, because of it. My eyes are quite similar to your warm and fresh eye. However, my hair is dark brown, as are eyebrowes and eyelashes. I can’t be than spring, can I?

    Hair has a golden sheen. The most of veins are greenish. Skin tone is yellowish. I try to avoid sun, because I rather burn than tan. In childhood I used to have freckles. Sounds like an autumn, doesn’t it?

    But my colors aren’t so definitely warm and I look much better in pure white and black then in orange. The best colors for me are: navy, crimson, teal, very dark chocolate brown, very light grey. Definitely muted ones. The worst are bright ones, for example dodger blue and neon green. Also creamy white, charcoal and medium grey.

    Sorry for writing so much, but have you any idea, what type I am?

  15. says

    Can I just recommend a site please?

    This supports your site and will help these women as it has helped me.

    dressing your shows a new way to see what suits and what doesn’t, what colours to wear and what styles to cut and colour your hair. Try it, check it out.

  16. Anonymous says

    This is a great way to break this down!

    I’m definitely a winter! I’m still trying to figure out which winter I am, but while I figure that out, I wanted to know something. Is it safe to say that as long as you’re a winter, you can wear any of the colors in the winter palettes (Clear, Cool, Deep)?

  17. says


    I actually just finished reading both of Carol’s books. It’s Just your Nature, and Dressing your Truth. Both were very interesting. I’m not sure I agree with every sentence, but I like the overall theory and see some truths in it.

    Thanks for reading!

  18. says

    Agreed. After 21 days reading all around it I gleaned some wisdom but lots of confusion still. I think the makeovers are great but I cannot see consistent parameters in this face shapes.
    I’d love you ro take a look at my picture. I’ve been told 2 seasons and the expense of trying to buy make up,
    & clothes is becoming too much.
    Kindly, Meredith

  19. says

    When I was young I had very dark brown eyes, olive skin and golden brown hair. As I have aged I now have brown/black hair, a more ruddy olive complexion (redder in face) but olive still and my eyes are a deep, deep green with dark, dark brown outter rim, and shades of brown over the green like brown organza over deep olive green lining. My skin is still olive but lighter than it was. I’m similar to Liz Taylor I suppose but a couple of shades deeper skin. Who am I?
    Can you please preview pics?

  20. says

    According to the “How to Choose Color …” I’m Cool & Brilliant
    According to the eye color chart I’m Warm & Rich

    Skin tone: I’m not sure; it’s very very pale, on the pink side
    Eyes: Medium brown
    Hair: Mousy brown, I was born blond (ash blond).

    Hair and eye colors would imply Soft Summer but my skin tone might send me to Cool Summer.

  21. Patrice says

    I am a senior woman with gray hair, light white/gray in the front and darker gray in the back. When I was younger, I always wore some shade of strawberry blond or auburn or reddish brown on my hair and favorite colors were cream, beige, taupe, aqua and turquoise and deep peaches or mango. I have blue/green eyes that look more steel blue from a distance. Now that I am gray, I am in a quandary as to what colors to wear. I am totally turned off to black, red, fuchsia,and navy looks terribly aging on me. How does a woman with gray hair figure out what season they are?

  22. Patrice says

    I forgot to say that I have ivory skin, and am often told my skin color is like “peaches and cream” although I myself do not see it. Toned down or too muted colors make me look tired and pale colors make me look washed out. But bright primary colors are overwhelming on me. I could send you a picture if you tell me how to do so.

  23. says

    It sounds like you are deep (high contrast between hair, eyes, lips, and face). It also sounds like you may have lost some of your pigmentation as you have aged, which is quite common. You may have previously been a deep autumn, and shifted to a clear winter. It’s difficult to say without seeing you in person for a color draping, but you are welcome to send me a picture to review.

    Good luck!

  24. Anonymous says

    Hello Reachel,
    Fantastic post but I’m another awkward one completely confused by the whole ‘colour thing’! I’d love to send you a photo to see what you think if that’s ok. Thank you in advance.

  25. says

    Hi Rachael! Hoping you can help me find my season. I have dark brown hair (naturally) with not really any obvious warmth. My skin is very fair with blue/purple veins, yet I believe (and have been repeatedly told) I’m more warm or neutral, not cool. My eyes are a brighter olive with a golden sunburst and spokes. But dark green (or olive) is the overall look. My hair is currently a copper red and everyone seems to love it (I do!). I’ve always been told I look good in black, and bright reddish orange. I don’t like myself in camel or khaki, or army green AT ALL. But I do look good in a lot of greens-bright emerald, moss, etc. I’ll send a picture if I am able to. I’ve thought deep autumn (since my natural hair color is quite dark), but my really fair skin confuses me. I would appreciate any thoughts you would be willing to share! Thank you!

    • says

      I was able to post a few pics if you look under “posts” on my profile, as opposed to “pictures”. Some are silly but they best show my skin and eyes in natural light. The one with dark hair is my natural color hair. I’ve been dark, highlighted, blonde, and now red.

  26. Katherine says

    Hi Rachel
    I’m confused if I’m a clear winter or clear spring.

    I have pale skin and green eyes (quite green but with a golden circle in the middle and navy circle around the outer). I’ve been dying my brunette hair since I was young so I’m not really sure what my natural shade is but it seems to be a medium brown and it has some copper in it, and now some grey. Even when my hair was dyed black (currently dark chestnut) it still had a bit of copper coming through.
    I look best in the strong colours of both clear spring and clear winter – cobalt, bright green etc… but it would be nice to differentiate between the two palettes.

    I hope you can help!


  27. Katherine says

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It will help me to get out of my mummy frump stage to sort out my colouring.

  28. Anonymous says

    I can’t tell if I’m a light spring or light summer. My eyes look like the light spring photo, but my hair has always been a cool shade of blonde.My skin has some warmth to it and when I tan, it turns a golden hue. I have never looked good in greys, but also look terrible in orange and yellow. Could I be a combination of the two?

  29. says

    Hi, I am loving this blog! Do you have advice for people have both cool and warm elements. I have cool, fair, pinkish (as I’ve aged) skin, but dark brown hair with reddish natural highlights. My eyes are cool green/gray eyes, but with that warm ring around the middle. Seems I could fit anywhere but spring!

  30. says

    Hi Barkla Blogger,

    Thanks for stopping by! I would love to help you. Unfortunately, I have been getting so many complimentary color typing requests, I was falling behind on my other orders. If you would like a color analysis, please find the button to purchase a $12 color analysis service at the bottom of this post.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  31. says

    Hi there, I would love to do so! Unfortunately I was unable to do so. I’m in Canada; does your payment service allow for Canadians? I did send am e-mail also to you, so if you can’t answer here, I’ll await your response there. Thanks!

  32. says

    How do I narrow down which spring I am: I seem to fall under the clear spring based in the description and photos, but I look sickly when I wear any of those color examples. I don’t fit the warm spring but those colors look better on me; over all though soft autumn colors seem to be the very best on me.

  33. says

    Rebecca Herbst

    Thanks for commenting! I would adore the opportunity to to help you. Unfortunately, I have been getting so many complimentary color typing requests, I was faltering in my ability to deliver to my other orders. If you would like a color analysis, please find the button to purchase a $12 color analysis service at the bottom of this post.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  34. says

    Wow! I just discovered this site!

    I just discovered I must be a “Warm & Fresh” – I have blue/green/grey hazel eyes with golden rings around the pupils, a fair complexion (don’t know if it’s warm or cool, though), and brown hair with greys starting to sneak in here and there.

    I’ll be celebrating my “big 5-0” in a few weeks, and I’ve been colouring my hair, for the last year or so, with the view in mind of staying as close to my normal hair colour as possible – just a bit lighter to (hopefully) help to better disguise the greys. I may go back to medium brown, as opposed to the Light Caramel Brown I have been most recently using.

    I tend to gravitate towards green(!), teal, turquoise, certain shades of purple, and natural/neutral tones like browm, nude/beige, grey, black, white, ivory – I look horrid in navy blue! I can pull off SOME shades of orange/coral, but I don’t wear pink. I shy away from anything very bright, and am not a big fan of red – too many years wearing it in my school uniform!

    This information has been soooo helpful! THANK YOU!!! :0)

  35. Ashleigh says

    I wonder if you can help me, because I can’t make head nor tail of what season I am.

    My skin is porcelain/ rosy beige, my eyes are a very soft grey-blue, and my hair is a dark reddish brown.

    I suit teal, and burgundy, but also red, emerald green, and beige.

  36. says

    Hi Ashleigh (pretty name spelling),

    Thanks for commenting! I would adore the opportunity to to uncover your color compatibility. Unfortunately, I have been getting so many complimentary color typing requests, I was faltering in my ability to deliver to my other orders. If you would like a color analysis, please find the button to purchase a $12 color analysis service at the bottom of this post.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  37. Anonymous says

    I have gotten a little confused after having done a couple of tests – out of the four colours, navy blue would suit me the best. My eyes are a clear grey blue, I have light skin that easily burns (and which freckles after some time in the sun) with cool pinkish undertones, yet my strawberry blonde hair makes it impossible for me to consider myself a true summer. I also become extremely pale in any type of pastels or camel/beige colours and the warm colours of my autumn mother do not suit me either. What season am I??

  38. says

    Ok I have the warm and fresh eyes that are blue/yellow so they look green. Medium brown hair with red and blonde highlights. But I have pink undertones in my skin. I wear more of the clear spring colors and don’t look good in dusty blues or pinks. Am I on the right track?

  39. says


    It sounds like a lovely combination, but it’s hard to tell without pictures and a few more pieces of information. If you’re interested in a thorough analysis, I offer very affordable color consultations available for purchase in the post above.

    In the meantime, trust how the actual colors look on you over blanket categorizations. Experiment with as many colors as you can and remember that the examples are only that.


  40. says

    Hi Reachel, my coloring confuses people. I’ve been draped as a summer, spring and twice as an autumn! Likely soft autumn is correct. My hair color is taupy camel shading underneath to medium bronze/brown. Skin is very light warm olive. My eye color is dark grey with a hint of teal? in sunlight. Camel is probably my best color. I look clownish in rose lipstick. Suggestions?

  41. Helen says

    I think iam deep winter with warm autumn. sometimes my skin has dark depths with some golden feeling but i dont think that i belong to deep autumn cause i have light brown hair. The colors that suits me best for hair are chocolate-copper/orange-copper and light browns/bronde..

  42. Anonymous says

    Hi Reachel, I came out as a Dark Autumn on the border of Deep Winter and I can’t figure out which lipsticks are better for me. I have dark brown hair, green eyes with a brown circle around my pupil and beige skin. I’ve tried some lipsticks of the Dark Autumn palette but some colors like rust or intense peach seem to be too warm for me; I think it happens because I am just on the border between Autumn and Winter or have a very neutral skintone. Can you give me some advice? I can’t figure out which colors of the dark autumn palette are the most neutral that could be good for me. Thank you.

  43. says

    Please help… I am confused. I tried to figure out my colors and each way I look at it I come up with different responses. I used my eye pattern (which is bright blue eye color with deep blue outline) and believed myself to be “cool + brilliant”. However when I used the natural colors (hair, eyes, and skin tone) I came up with all sorts of contradictory answers. My skin tone is a pinkish pale tone with lots of light colored freckles. I thought that placed me in the “light summer, cool summer, light spring” categories. Then the natural eye color didn’t seem to have a category for my color at all. My natural hair is strawberry blonde which placed me in the “warm spring,warm autumn” categories. I don’t believe it is possible to be cool, light, and warm OR summer, spring, and autumn all at the same time. Can you please help me

  44. Lina says

    I know this is a old post, but Im wondering, which season do my iris belong to?
    Picture of the eyes:

    I always thought I was a summer but when i look at the iris chart, my iris doesnt have crackled glas details. :S

    I keep ending up being a mix of clear/light spring (brights make me feel alive, cool-pastels and neutrals like beige and too much black/grey wash me out unless wearing black with gold :S) and soft autumn or summer (I loved muted cool colors as well as long as they are not too “icy”. Navy/Burgundy/Old rose/Taupe). One stylist said I was soft-warm but my eyes are grey-blue, skin is pinkish pale and my natural hair is dark neutral-mousy blonde.
    Without makeup: (my real hair is less reddish/golden)

    Thanks in advance if answering! :3

  45. says

    Ive been placed as a Deep Autumn, Deep Winter, and recently a Summer??? I am starting to wonder if it makes sense at all.
    When I was younger I was very dark skinned and golden brown hair, as I aged my skin is cool and my eyes are still dark and my hair is dark. Yet I can move between the “groups” so I don’t know. I tried for 3 years reading books here and there and trying on clothes and I never fitted into one category… but I did spend a lot of money trying to figure it out.
    Take heart. You may just be you!

  46. says

    One thing that is overlooked in the colour theory is that eyes change colour depending on health issues in the body.
    ie: Liz Taylor often had either blue or purple eyes. Eyes can take on a purple hue if your lymphatic system is in trouble. They can turn green if you have liver/gall bladder troubles. Your hair will go darker and darker if you have over stressed adrenal glands signalling exhaustion and stress overload. These things can change – if we change our wardrobes to suit all that, how could we ever keep up?
    I like the capsule wardrobe idea where they say our basics are the cake and the accessories are the frosting. Then you have a few basics and can change from night to day etc., with a few simple changes in accessories according to the flush in your cheeks, the colours in your eyes that don’t change and the shades of your veins. See David

  47. Anonymous says

    hi, i’m just commenting because i’ve spent so long trying to work this out and finally found something that worked. first i had a color analysis from Reachel in which she identified my most likely season and her second choice. She had really seen warmth that no one else (but me) had noticed, so she nailed the two options. I tried her first choice and it didn’t quite feel right, so I tried Zyla’s system and realized the Zyla colors lined up precisely with her second choice. So I would say you can’t get a more reasonable analysis than Reachel (I’ve paid over $100 in the past and had less luck) and then from there if you need to refine see where Zyla gets you. Good luck to all!

  48. Allison/Alice says

    Nope, nope. This made me walk away much more confused than going in. By eye color, I’m a warm spring/Warm autumn or a deep autumn/deep winter. On skin color, I’m a clear winter/springs/light summer. Then on hair (My being a black-brown-dark grey really neutral) says clear spring/deep autumn/deep winter/clear winter or clear winter/deep winter/deep autumn or clear spring/winters/cool summer. The sad thing is, some colors on all of the palates look absolutely terrible on me and then there are some worst colors that look great. Am I just a wild card?

  49. says

    This is a good guide. People aren’t always certain what color will look best on them- whether they are dyeing their hair or buying clothes. The thing is, some hairdressers aren’t much help either.

    If someone is shopping for a color that you will use at home, this guidance will definitely be appreciated.

  50. says


    You are stunning. I love your hair and eye combination. And your skin is flawless. You actually do have qualities of a summer eye. The separation between the white and iris is soft. The pattern is more mixed which makes sense because you are a blended season. With your natural hair color, I would probably type you as a soft summer, however with your warm red hair, I believe you shift into Soft Autumn. You’ll have to try the colors out and let me know. If you would like a more in depth analysis, I’d be happy to complete a color analysis for you. You can purchase the service for $12 via the link in the post above. Hope to hear from you again soon :)

  51. says

    Miss GiveMeColour Meredith :)
    So true. Every complexion is unique, just like each body type and signature style is unique. The color categories are just starting points, which allow the collection of similar colors so everything doesn’t have to be rediscovered from scratch. While this solution may not be a perfect fit for everyone, hopefully it helps open new ideas and avoid issues for some. But I think you make a valid point. Let your personal experience guide you and embrace your unique self :)

  52. says

    When evaluating color, skin is the most important factor. You want to be able to mirror and contrast the hues in your cheeks and eyes

    It sounds like your eyes are hazel and your hair is dark brown. However, I’m not sure about your skin.

    I’d love to help you with a color analysis. Feel free to purchase one for $12 in the post above. You sound like a fun combination. I’m sure we can find something to give you some direction :)


  53. Anonymous says

    Please help me!!!!!!! My natural hair color ranges from light white blonde to dark golden blonde with light and medium red streaks, i have a lot of different shades in my hair and in winter my hair is just dark blonde with dark red and golden blonde and dark brown streaks. My eyes are definitely warm and fresh, they’re light blue, light green, medium turquoise and light yellow and the ring around my iris is light green and the ring seperating the colored part of my eye from the white part is dark turquoise. I really have no idea about my skin but it is extremely pale and when i tan it gets really dark. I have a golden undertone and a lot of freckles, and my veins are turquoise. I dyed my hair dark ash brown (almost black) and it made my eyes look really clear and vivid but my (at the time pale) skin looked really washed out.turqouise and light purple look the best on me.

  54. says

    Hi Reachel,
    LOVE all the information you have here!I’ve been trying to determine my season and the more I look into it the more confused I become. haha I think I am a Soft Autumn but I would love to get a color analysis from you to make sure.Unfortunately the link won’t let me purchase it. Is there any other way for me to do this?
    Thanks, Kim

  55. says

    I took a look at your charts, and I’m definitely a combination of both deep winter and deep autumn. I do not look good in olive or amber tones. But, the ‘worst colors’ were 100% on point for me for both deep autumn and deep winter. I can wear a great dark charcoal, but as far as dusty and pastel colors = I look terrible in them! Very helpful…Thank you!

  56. says

    I am a bit confused between spring and autumn. I believe I crossover. I have pale olive skin, golden/reddish/blonde/brown hair and olive green eyes with gold flecks and a amber ring in the center. I tend to look best in clear bright colors, like royal blue,purple and true red. White does not work for me, but cream is fantastic!Silver jewelry looks better on me as gold tends to fade away. Thoughts?

  57. says

    I am lost! Haha I did the color draping thing in the 80’s -90’s? and I was told that I was a summer and that my best color was periwinkle. I have light olive skin that turns really dark if i tan and i only sunburn if i am in the sun longer than 3 hours. I have dark blue eyes with light golden yellow ring around pupil and a darker greyish blue around the iris. My eyes change full color from a: soft greenish grey, to grey to denim blue, to greyblue, to dark blue, my eyes have no white or silver flecks. I have the ugliest natural hair color: dishwater blonde is my natural hair color but i always dye it red cause i love the color on me. My husband does too. I think My best color is burnt orange..i get complements all the time when i wear it. I look horrible in neon colors but i wear them sometimes for fun. I think i look bad in black and white and many shades of blue…but i dont know if i REALLY do or not. I like rose gold jewlery. 😉 wish i knew how to add a pix…then i wouldnt have to write all of this! Oy! Help? Thanks in advanced! 😀

  58. says

    Hi what a great thing ur doing for ppl!!! Im obessed now of what colour I am I had a professional analysis two days ago and now im more confussed. . She said im spring but happy to give me summer colours. ive always been strawberry blonde tho its duller now. My hair is dyed chestnut. Ive blue eyes with some yellow. I thinl my skin is pink and pale. On the day gold looked great on me but now im thinking im cool. Ive no idea. Id love send u a pic

  59. says

    I’ve never fit into any color category.
    I have dark ash brown hair that now has some grey,
    Hazel eyes that have dull green rims with a lot of medium golden brown around the pupil (burnt sienna).
    I think my skin color is neutral and between light and medium.
    When I was young and my hair turned medium golden brown by the sun and I was tanned I looked great in orange
    But once I cut my hair off and discovered I really have dark ash brown hair, not much looks right. Definitely not orange! I can wear medium pink and ice pink, as they go with my hair, but they clash with my eyes. Black is a little too dark for me.
    I’ve never been able to wear red or any dark color lipstick. I have dark hair, medium light skin, and medium eyes. I am not light, deep, or muted!
    Do you have any ideas?

  60. says

    Hi Reachel! I just discovered your site via pintrest! And I think it’s really neat. I read through the colors/seasons. I think I’m in the winter category but I don’t quite fit in. I’ve got black-blue hair, black brown eyes with a dark rim, and pale skin that can tan easily but just as easily burn without any sunblock . I’m equally fine in either silver or gold jewelry, though I prefer silver toned. Colors, I’m drawn to jewel colors, but I like bold colors too like red or yellow. I’m interested in an color analysis but the button above isn’t working. Are you still doing the color anaylsis?~Tina

  61. says

    Hello, I have light brown to blonde hair, clear blue eyes, freckles, bluefish purple veins under my wrist and look great in red. Am I a mix of something? Can’t figure it out. Thanks for any help!

  62. Anonymous says

    Hi Reachel. I’m from one of the asian countries and i always am enjoying ur posts. And your posts inspires me and my country and many people around the world. I just want you to know that there are many asian people who have porcelain skin tones. And I am the one myself too. I have blue black hair and dark brown(almost black(is it weird to say eye color is black? lol)) eyes and my skin tone is porcelain and my eyebrows are like peculiar feature. Without the eye color you described, i am suitable for Clear Winter type. And the colors too. Icy colors are my best colors and I always have to have contrasts. Asian people don’t always have to be deep autumns or deep winters. Asian people DO have all the seasonal skin types. What I meant to say is that please don’t narrow people down. There are so many people who have sensitively different features. I hope my comment doesn’t offend you.

    • Anonymous says

      Oh and I don’t know if you want to know FYI, In my country, Autums are many then Summers then Springs then Winters. Though Asian ppls eyes r dark and tho skins r darker than caucasians, I can see many summers and springs around me as Autumns. And winters r not so many actually.

  63. Danie says

    Wow I love your Blog.
    I’m pretty sure I’m a Summer. But its so hard to determind wich one. I’m definitely not a Light Summer. I think either a soft or a cool one, I have blue/grey eyes and dark-blonde/ light-brown hair. I’m very very pale and my skin lacks color. Is there a way to tell for sure which one is more fitting?

  64. Anonymous says

    Please help! I have looked at so many sites to try to figure this coloring thing out. Can you tell me what i am? I naturally have medium to dark brown hair. I have eyes that are light. They go from dark blue on the outer ring of the iris then blue/green and then a ring of amber in the center. My skin is light with freckles but my veins have a slight greenish tint but are blue/green. I look sickly without blush.

    Thanks!!- chi girl

  65. Anonymous says

    From what I have seen about cool and warm colors, Asians cannot be summer or spring as Anonymous thinks they can. Their skin tones have a golden hue and the thickness is also another thing to consider which can make some to appear porcelain. That is why they have a separate category and can fit in autumn and winter, but definitely not summer and spring, even if they were to use skin lighteners.

    • Anonymous says

      In East Asian countries, it is almost impossible to find a skin care product or foundation make-up without skin bleach in it. The bleach may be hidden, so it may not show in the ingredients list. Foundation make-up there comes in colours lighter than that of natural East Asian skin. In South Korea, they only seem to sell foundation in ‘white’ and if there is a second option, it would be ‘whiter’. Natural East Asian skin is brown-yellow and has a golden tone. But they tend to cancel out the golden tone with foundation that has a pink tone. In the Far East, photoshop phone apps are popular. They digitally whiten the skin. Many East Asians, even men whiten their skin in photos. As with plastic surgery, many like to claim that their artificial skin colour is the real one.

  66. Anonymous says

    I have no idea which season I am. I have been trying to figure it out for a while now with no success, so hopefully someone here can help. I have natural red hair, and with somewhat of an orange tint to it. It has natural blonde and darker red highlights throughout it, too, which is warm. I have light blue eyes, which can also be warm. My skin has a pink undertone to it. The veins on my wrists look like a bluish/purple color, which is cool. So, I have no idea what season I am. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction because I have, in my opinion, successfully pulled off some of the colors in each season, and there are some colors in each season that I feel I shouldn’t even look at.

  67. says

    I can’t decide if I am soft autumn or warm spring. I think I have finally decided I look better in ivory then white. I can’t really tell if my veins are more green or blue. my hair has sime gold tones in the blonde and my hairdressers always tell me my hair is not ashy. my eyes are green/hazel with a golden ring around the iris.

  68. says

    I have very pale skin with yellow/green undertones, (maybe a small bit of purple in there), dark brown hair with red highlights, dark hazel eyes with an orange ring around the center, and my cheeks flush easily. I can identify certain colors, which make me look either dead or undead; almost all dusty colors, certain “rich” colors, maroon, light flat beige, black if worn alone (but not with other colors, or white). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to identify, which colors look great. I can wear both silver and gold and most clear reds seem to work ok. Is it possible to just be an anti- (specific season)?

  69. Enter the Paradox says

    I question myself when something is slightly off so I thought I may as well see what other people think my type may be here.
    I have naturally light brown or dark blonde hair (depending on who you ask). It has both ash and golden tones. My eyes are light blue with a dark blue rim around the outside. Sometimes they are a really piercing blue but at other times they are blue-gray.
    The veins under my skin mostly appear as blue but I can see a little bit of green here and there. My face takes makeup that looks completely pink and somehow makes it look orange on my face.
    I hate yellow and light pastels look awful on me. I look good in colors such as navy, charcoal gray, black, and dark, vibrant jewel tones. Bright colors that are not dark look awful. The shade of purple that looks best on me has more red in it than blue.
    Imagine the whitest person you have ever met and that is probably my skin color, but as a child when I went outside a lot my skin got very dark and seemed to have golden tones…? My hair was very light blonde as a child, probably due to the sun and chlorine, and seemed to be more yellow than ash then as well. So another question would be whether or not people can change over time, but my most likely type is the priority question. I have a few types that I think are possible, and one as most likely, and I suppose I just hope that you will come to the same conclusion as I did with the most likely type. :) I’m not telling you what it is yet as I think that will ruin objectivity. Thanks. <3

  70. says

    Well, i’m oftenly told that i’m a cool summer. But I really hope i’m a bright spring. I still can’t get what my skin tone is

  71. says

    hi … I’ve been told I’m a Winter and a spring and recently an autumn. I’m Irish with medium ash brown with some gold flecks faintly. Skin is light beige with yellow undertone,green veins but I’m not very warm can have high colouring,Eyes are blue with flecks of white and tiny bits of green at iris. I think I’m neutral -cool and clear.
    as I usually find greens and navies are my best colours ..
    mucky colours are awful on me and bright but non neon shades are good , am I on the right track .
    sisters trying to convince me I’m autumn as they are both light summers so they perceive me as dark and warm… Any help greatly appreciated ?

    Thanks a mill,

  72. Anonymous says

    I have natural golden highlights in hair, golden skin, and hazel eyes. The hazel eyes are dark green, light brown, and gold.

  73. says

    My natural hair color is dark brown and my eyes are exactly the same as shown in the “warm and fresh”picture, now here’s the part that confuses me, I have dyed my hair blonde. Does that mean that my season has changed as well? Or did my season change within my season? [For example: clear spring to light spring] ?? I’d really appreciate an answer!!

  74. Simona says

    I just want to know my season, too. Acording to my friends my coloring is strange and I just can’t see myself in any of season describtions.
    My natural hair is now mousy brown with some coolishnes, it used to be blonde untill my puberty. My eyes are deep brown, almost black, again with coolishnes. They are not warm like chocolate brown. My skin tone is ivory, pinkish. I look good in blue, white and grey.

  75. Caitlin says

    I’ve always had a difficult time figuring out which category I fall in. I think that I fall in the “clear” category on the wheel. My skin is porcelain white with ruddy red undertones, but I have very dark brown hair and eyes. Does this make me a winter?

  76. says

    Hi there! Love the site. So I know I’m a cool summer- pale skin with gray/green eyes and cool brown hair, but here’s the kicker. I have an ashy blonde ombré. So does this mean I can borrow from light summer?

    • Reachel says

      Steph, dying your hair can definitely change which colors you like best on yourself. I would definitely experiment with the light summer color palette.

  77. Louise says

    I’m trying to figure which category I fall into but I’m not sure I’m getting it right!
    I have really pale ivory skin with cool tones and grey blue eyes but it’s my hair that’s confusing me! As a child my hair was light blonde and it darkened as I got older. Without colour it’s a light ashy brown but I have to be really careful what colour of highlights I put in or it turns carrot orange (literally!) My great grandmother had ginger hair and a few of my extended family do. Which category should I try? Louise
    PS. I can’t get the link on your page for the analysis to work?

    • Reachel says

      Hi Louise, I’d love to help you. I just sent you a direct paypal invoice for a color analysis. If for some reason it doesn’t work, feel free to message me at I’d love to see pictures of you and help you get it figured out :)

  78. Erica says

    Hi Reachel,

    Thank you so much for this information! My friends and I have had so much fun determining our seasons and best colours.

    I’ve had some trouble with mine though as I go between cool and warm.

    Blue eyes & dark ash brown hair (blonde as child).
    Skin with yellow undertones & green veins.
    Love gold jewelery best but look best in navy, icy blue, white and black.

    Am I a cool winter still despite my skin?

    Also, what do you get for the $15 virtual colour analysis?

    Thanks again!
    Erica ^-^

    • Reachel says

      Miss Erica, it definitely sounds like you have a neutral complexion. Somewhere in between a warm and a cool season. I’m confident we could figure it out with a full color analysis. Basically how it works is following payment I have you complete a virtual survey and send a face and eye shot. From there I will determine your color season and send you the rationale along with the accompanying cheat sheet. Feel free to email me at reachel at if you have any other questions.

  79. Joy says

    Here’s my conundrum. I have strawberry blonde hair and my golden/hazel eyes match my hair (they sometimes look green, but not often). Both are very warm and golden but my very fair skin shows very blue, almost purple veins and is more pink. I’m struggling with the warm versus cool aspect. Can you help?

    • says

      Sounds like you are in a neutral category, between two seasons, maybe between Summer and Autumn, but I’d have to see some pictures and ask a few more questions to be sure. If you interested in a virtual color analysis, there should be a link at the bottom of the post. I hope I get to work with you.

  80. Z says

    I am just about to give up this whole colour thing because I am so confused.

    1. very fair/light/pale skin. Burn easily, if I don’t “overburn,” I turn very red and it may turn slightly tan. But it will peel off anyway.
    2. Eyes – hazel: brown around the pupil with some greenish around it.
    3. Hair – med. brown with natural golden highlights and a slight reddish cast, depending on the angle and the lighting.
    4. Wrist veins: some are purple, some are greenish

    Some beige/khaki look awful on me: make my face look dull, patchy, dirty, uneven
    Honestly, don’t see the difference between white and off white when I put them next to my skin.
    Always wore gold and silver and never noticed the difference.
    Like the way dark navy looks on me: seems to accentuate the golden/reddish cast in my hair and a bit yellowish (in a good sense) tone in my skin
    Dusty pink looks good on me.
    Not all browns look good on me.
    I’ve always worn black. Worn it for so long that don’t know whether I look good or bad in it. Often I’d get compliments on “looking good” when I wore black.
    Never tried many bright colours b/c simply don’t like them.
    Like warm and earthy colours, but some of them don’t look good on me.
    Some pastels are ok, others – aren’t.

    What season/whatever am I?
    When I am in a store, I can see whether a given colour looks good on me or not.
    But when I shop online – that’s the problem.

    Thank you!

    • says

      it sounds like you are between a cool and a warm season, with a neutral skin tone. I’d be happy to help you determine your coloring via a virtual color analysis. Look for a link at the bottom of this post. :)

  81. Lora says

    I had my colours done years ago and was classified as a Soft Summer. Now I am in the process of growing out dyed brown hair (which always faded to an overly warm shade for my skintone), and the natural hair coming through is silver grey. I notice that you don’t seem to have any form of grey/silver hair listed for Soft Summer. When Soft Summers go grey, do they tend to become Cool Summers instead?

    • says

      Shifting into a cooler season (such as Cool Summer) as you loose the warm colors from your hair is definitely a possibility. However, if your eyes and skin are warm enough it’s possible to stay in the Soft Summer season. The skin has the biggest impact on your coloring. I would keep playing with color if you let your hair go grey. There’s quite a bit of crossover between the three summer seasons and if you transition your hair, it will be easier to tell what the most flattering shades are at that point.

  82. Anna says

    I have light asian skin (i think I’m neutral skin tone while lots of my friends think my veins look blue), dark brown eyes, black hair. Not sure if this helps but i have pinkish red lips and whenever i blush its always pink or red

  83. Josie says

    I just purchased a virtual color analysis, what happens next? Having trouble finding info on what to expect.

  84. Laurarj84 says

    Hello! Based on your excellent charts at the top and multiple other searches in the last couple of weeks, I think I’m a clear winter but not 100% sure. Would you mind having a think please?!

    I have quite dark brown hair but in the summer and underneath it’s quite coppery. There is red hair in my family on both sides. My eyes are green but with a dark grey/blue ring at the outer edge and a darker, almost olive green toward the centre. I have always described myself as very pale and I would say there’s a high contrast between my hair and skin.

    I’m tired of looking so washed out and exhausted (three small kids!) but I think a lot of this could be helped by wearing the right colours, if I could only work out what they are!

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • says

      Hi Laura, Clear Winter could definitely be an option for you, but depending on the amount of red in your hair, I would also look at Clear Spring. Take a look at both and see if one pallette seems like a better fit. It’s difficult for me to diagnose on descriptions alone, but if you’re interested in a virtual color analysis, I’d be happy to take you through the whole process. The link to purchase is at the bottom of this post. Hope I get to work with you.

  85. Fia says

    Hi! I would be so glad if you could help me. I’m totally sure I’m a Clear Spring (the colors match me perfect, I’m warm but with a little bit cool, can have both gold and silver. My colors is quite similar to Emma Stone’s) but there’s one thing that I never understand and it’s about the hair color. I had very light blonde hair when I was little but now I have a more mousy blonde color. I would like to do some blonde highlights, but I don’t know in what tone, because I look awful in warm blonde tones (which would fit me according to all the webbsites I have read?) becuase my undertone is very light and pink/peachy, so the pink tones highlights very much. My face gets totally pink :p It makes me really confused! Too light blonde also gives the same result. Sorry for my bad english, I just had to ask! Thank you for a very good webbsite!

    • says

      Because Clear Spring is a neutral color category (between warm spring and cool winter) you could try beige highlights. These aren’t particularly warm (like honey) or cool (like ash). Glad I could be of help. Good luck with your highlights :)

  86. Denise says

    Can you help?
    Do I have the right hair colour?
    I am thinking of going darker but don’t want it to age me
    Denise x

    • says

      Hi Denise,
      I’d be happy to help you think through what makes sense following a virtual color analysis. Knowing the basics of your coloring really helps when deciding on a hair color. As far as generalizations, it’s usually best to stay within two shades of your natural color. And try to identify whether you have warm or cool undertones before making drastic changes.

  87. Sierra says

    I just happened to find your blog through Pinterest and am so glad I did! I’ve been trying to figure out what I am for ages now, and I think I am at least somewhat on the right track. I’ve got extremely pale porcelain skin, naturally dark auburn hair, and green eyes with amber around the pupil and flecks of gold and more olive green toward the outer edges. Based on everything here, I think I’m warm, and somewhere in between Spring and Autumn. I think, ha ha ha. My undertones are pretty neutral, and I am told I look best in gold, but silver doesn’t wash me out really, so that has never helped. This actually does, I think!

    • says

      If you can wear both Gold and Silver you may be in a neutral category like Clear Spring. However, I can’t be certain without a full analysis. If you’re interested I do offer virtual color analyses and you can purchase them at the bottom of this post. Thanks for visiting :)

  88. Gabrielle says

    This is really helpful! Though I’m pretty confused.

    I have pink beige or neutral skin tone, cool toned I believe (my veins are bluish purple). And my eyes are a veeerry dark brown, they look black unless lighting is very vividly hitting my eyes.
    Except, my hair seems to bring an overall softness to myself. Its around a mediumish chestnut, with soft copper undertones.
    Deep winter seemed to fit pretty well, but my hairs coloring is a bit too soft and I actually look pretty good in peach colours, and some of the really vivid colours kinda drown me out. I’m pretty thouroughly confused! Is it even possible to have cool toned skin and warm toned hair? Am I missing something?

    • says

      You could try looking at Clear Spring, even though it doesn’t account for brown eyes, it may be the best match for you. Unfortunately I can’t tell for sure without a full color analysis. If you’re interested, feel free to click the link at the bottom of this post to purchase a virtual color analysis.

  89. Mari says

    Help – I’m so confused about my colours!

    When I was younger I had very dark brown hair without – as far as I can see – even a hint of red. So thought I was winter and wore bright jewel colours.

    As I’ve got older of course everything has faded. So I had my colours done by Colour me Beautiful and was diagnosed Deep Warm Soft, but that just didn’t feel quite right.

    So a had them done again (freebie model session this time!) with House of Colour. They said I was very difficult to do, went from warm to cool and back again, finally settling on Blue Autumn on the cusp of Summer. Which feels much better as my best colours are the richer, brighter and / or lighter ones as opposed to the sludgy greens and browns.

    Personally, although I can see my face change colour, I don’t know if this warm colour made me look glowing or sallow, or if that cool colour made me look fresh or at death’s door.

    My eyes are a sort of murky hazel unless you look close up in which case they’re amber round the pupil, turquoise round the edges and a grey/brown rim.

    But the main thing is my hair – it’s a definite pewter/steel grey so surely that means I’m cool?

    I have looked at so many different definitions and honestly, I fit into none of them!Hair too pewter for warm, eyes too murky for cool, hair too dark for light or soft, eyes not dark enough for deep.

    Any suggestions??! Thank you.

    • says

      The aspect of your complexion that effects which colors you can wear the most is your skin. It’s possible that you are a winter, but with red tones in your hair it’s unlikely. It sounds like you are in a neutral territory (with both warm and cool tones), so I would look at either Soft Autumn (which it sounds like you’ve been diagnosed as before or Clear Spring to start. I’m happy to help you with a full color analysis. There’s a link to purchase at the bottom of the post.

    • says

      I would actually lean more towards Cool Summer, but I can’t be sure without a digital survey. If you’re interested in a full analysis, there’s a link at the bottom of this post.

      • Tarzi says

        I think you might be right! Those specific shades of yellow/gold/orange look TERRIBLE on me, no matter how I love them. Like I have one gold sweater that just makes me look so ill…I was having a hard time matching that to the other colours which insisted I must look good in some yellows and I just haven’t found that true in real life. Thanks so much!

  90. says

    Thanks for sharing this! I know realize i have never paid attention to my eye and hair color while choosing my makeup and dresses. How about age factor? should that also impact my choices?

    • says

      Thanks for reading Lisa. Age can definitely affect what you choose to wear. First aging can change your coloring over time. It tends to soften it, so you may not wear the same colors in your 60s as you did in your 20s. Second, I usually recommending adding more classic elements to your outfits as you age. You can still experiment with trends, but choose a nod toward a trend instead of something truly dramatic.

  91. Melanie says


    I have been having a difficult and frustrating time looking into colors and seasons. I am not sure if you can help me, or should I do the virtual analysis.

    I am a natural redhead (light to medium auburn). The veins on my wrist are blue. My eyes are blue (same pattern as you have for the spring season, but the ring is a pale color, not golden).

    I definitely get burnt by the sun, peel and go back to my fair skin color.

    When I do wear jewelry I wear white or violet colored pearl earrings. Its rare that I wear gold.

    I have noticed as I am getting older (early 40s) the auburn hair color looks like a light rinse has been put through it.

    Could you please advise me what season I might be or if I seriously need to do a virtual analysis.

    Thank you.

    • says

      It sounds like you might be a Soft Autumn, but I can’t be sure without pictures and asking a few more questions. If you’re interested in a conclusive answer, I would definitely recommend a virtual color analysis. Thanks for reading :)

      • Melanie says

        Than you. The other thing was that a few weeks ago i tried some different colors and my husband said to me that i suited black, clear red and other bright colors. So i will look into doing this virtual analysis. Just need to get some photos organized first.

  92. Kira Anima says

    Hi. I´m very confused about my seasonal color type, please help.

    I have pale porcelain neutral skin tone, with some freckles (not much) and I blush a lot. My wrist veins are light blue and violet, but the elbow veins are green. My hair are mousy brown (or maybe a little bit dark mousy). In sunshine they have a little golden lighting, in shadow they look neutral or almost cool. My eye color is greyish green.

    I thought that I am one of the soft color types because of my neutral skin tone and greyish eyes, but a contrast between my skin and hair confuses me. In natural light I see medium contrast and in photos with flash it´s quite high contrast.

    I was told that I look good in dark green. I dislike very much wearing neon colors.

    Thank you.

    • says

      From your description I would guess Soft Summer, but you could also be Cool Summer if you contrast is high enough. I’d be happy to help you sort it out if you want to order a virtual color analysis and send me additional information.

  93. Chrissy says

    I am so confused. I think I narrowed it all down to two categories but they are conflicting. How can I be a clear spring and a soft summer? Exact opposites on the wheel.

    • says

      Both color categories are blended seasons, meaning they have warm and cool components. The biggest difference between these two categories is the amount of contrast between your hair, skin, and eyes, and the clarity of colors in your features. Clear Spring tends to have pure colors and soft summers tend to be more muddied. Hope that helps. If you’d like more assistance, I do offer a virtual color analysis, available for purchase at the bottom of the post.

  94. Kristina says

    I have dark brown hair with black cherry highlights, hazel eyes, freckles, and gold looks better on me than silver. So obviously, I’m a warm, but beyond that I’m lost. All of the Deep Autumn colors make me look sick, and Warm Autumn colors seem to make me fade into the background. Could I be a Spring even with my dark hair? When I was a little kid my hair was strawberry blond and darkened as I got older. Should I go with that, or where I am now? Thanks for any insight.

    • says

      You could be a Clear Spring. It definitely sounds like you are a blended season. I’d be happy to help you with a virtual color analysis. There are links to purchase at the bottom of the post.

  95. Elizabeth says

    Hi. I have a strange skin tone/hair/eye combination that isn’t really fitting into anything. I’m extremely pale and it’s always been a distinct feature of mine. I don’t tan easily. I have to gradually tan for an hour a day for a long time to get a very faint color which is a faint yellowish color. In the sun I get lots of light brown freckles that fade if not outside a lot. My hair is a light-medium golden brown color, but can have a reddish tent in the sunlight. My eyes are a murky greyish-blue color that actually is in line with warm autumn blue colors. I have a very slight/barely visible but of what appears to be light brown around my iris.
    I’ve considered soft autumn, warm spring, and warm autumn for myself. Some soft autumn colors can make me look washed out, some of warm springs colors were too harsh on me (teal, red, blues in particular), and I supposed I was too light to be a warm autumn. It’s extremely easy for me to look sick and washed out in the wrong colors because of my complexion. I can’t wear white and black doesn’t do anything for me. Most pastels aren’t good for me. I’ve been told I look particularly good in red ochre. I get complimented on lighter shades of purple paired with beige-darker brown as well. I can wear several shades of orange and I can pull off pale yellow, but it looks better with lavender or with a darker cornflower blue. The worst color on me is probably lime green, but darker and richer greens look better. If too muted they wash me out. I look far better in gold.
    It just doesn’t seem like I fit anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • says

      You’re definitely on the right track with Warm Autumn and Soft Autumn. My best guess would be Soft Autumn, but I can’t say without a full analysis. Also remember, that the categories are meant to be a starting point. Use them to give yourself ideas for experimentation, but feel free to add and subtract colors based on your own experience.

  96. Lisa says

    I have a cool, pink undertone to my really really (not kidding, I have a really hard time finding foundation+concealer that’s light enough) pale skin. And with my blue eyes (greyish blue with a dark blue contour to the iris) I should surely be some kind of summer. My hair color is also a cool ashy/mousy medium brown, but it does shine a bit golden in the sun and I have natural blonde highlights that show up more in summer. I had ash blonde hair as a child. Grey and light blue navy are my go-to neutrals. I do get a little bit of freckles, which can make me look a bit more peachy-pink in undertone, though I do not bronze at all in the sun a part from that.

    Where does this place me in the different summer categories? I don’t have light enough hair for light summer I think, there’s a bit more contrast there. And too pale skin for soft summer, there again with the contrasts? Otherwise the colors of soft summer applies quite well to my warderobe. The highlights in my hair takes away cool summer or clear summer from the equation I guess. What do you think?

    • says

      I would think Soft Summer is the right fit. Some soft summers can be quite pale and you could some peach in your undertones even with very pale skin. If you want me to look at your case in more details, I offer a virtual color analysis for purchase at the bottom of the post.

  97. Jamie says

    Hi Reachel, I’m back here trying to decipher my season amidst a clothing purge… I’ve spent countless hours in the past weeks trying to figure it out, but it’s a puzzle and I’m confused! I ordered your color analysis and emailed some head shots yesterday. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  98. Sam says

    i have a question.
    When i was a little girl my hair color was different from now. I have pictures where my hair is light ash blonde, others where it has golden highlights, then over the years my hair turned darker, and right now it is very dark and ashy. Often people think i have black hair but thats not true(black hair is darker).
    I have brown eyes and i really cant figure out my skin undertone(my skin is light to medium).
    Do this change of color over the years affect the result? Because i cant determine my undertone, my dark ash hair makes me think maybe i am cool(look good in plum lipstick, my lips are naturally pink and khaki looks awful in me, makes me look sick) but then i think i have a little bit of warmth because i see pictures of other people in the internet and i dont think i am only cool(compared to them) and my pictures from kid with the golden tones makes me doubt.
    Thanks. :)

    • says

      Sandra, it’s difficult to tell without pictures. It’s possible you were a Light Summer or a Soft Summer when you were younger that migrated to a Cool Summer. If you’re interested in a virtual color analysis, I’d be happy to help you through the process. There is a link to purchase at the bottom of the post.

  99. says

    I don’t know what I am. I have olive green/grey eyes, pink/beige skin undertone, strawberry blonde/golden blond/ashblond – haircolor. Where do I belong?! 😮 lol

    • says

      Soft Autumn tends to shine in more muted, blended colors with warm undertones. While Light Spring is also warm, this category looks better in brighter, purer colors. I’d be happy to help you with a virtual color analysis. There is a link to purchase at the bottom of the post.

  100. Laura Pilon says

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me out with my colouring?

    I’ve always thought I had a cool complexion, but maybe towards the neutral side, as I have blue and green veins and my foundation matches me perfectly when it’s yellower (pink-toned ones are too pink). I look best in dark colours such as black and navy blue, but also grey, etc. (which is why I think I’m cool). Light colours like beige wash me out horribly. I have light blue/green eyes with a dark green-ish rim. I have brown hair which I believe has slight golden undertones to it, but I’ve also been told it’s mousy… I think I’m between a Winter and a Summer? Other results (in terms of hair, eyes, etc.) also seem to match me to a Spring. I’m a bit confused! Thank you!

    • says

      Based on your description, I would lean towards Clear Spring. However, I can’t say for sure with out pictures and a full analysis. If you’d like to purchase a full analysis, there is a link to purchase at the bottom of the post.

  101. Jess says

    I think I am a light summer? Pale skin, barely a tan when it tans, mostly burns, the parts that get more tan are in the sun everyday, like my arms. Hair-some people call it blonde, some people call it brown, gets a lot of natural blonde highlights in the summer. Eyes are green or blue/grey depending on what I wear. I wear a lot of greys and green, blues and purples-not sure if they’re the most flattering but its what I like the best. I hate wearing reds and oranges. I was torn between light spring, light summer and soft summer.

    • says

      Based on your description, really any of those three could fit. And the type of red or orange that you hate wearing would definitely make a difference. For example you may be able to look good in peach but not pumpkin. If you’re interested in a full analysis, there is a link at the bottom of this post to purchase. I’d love to help you figure it out.

  102. EsKay says

    I have always struggled with this. I have fair light skin, slight freckling. Blue eyes, blue veins, pink cheeks. Natural golden blonde “sun kissed” hair yet I think silver jewelry looks better on me. Pastel colors make me look sick. Jewel tones all the way. Based off of cool skin and golden hair… I have no idea what I am.

    • says

      The best option I can come up with for your description is Clear Spring. It’s in the warmer, yellow toned Spring category, but it’s bordering into Winter which has cool and brilliant qualities. The colors are saturated overall, but include warm properties. However, it’s difficult to tell without pictures and asking a few more questions. If you’re interested there is a link at the bottom of the post to purchase a virtual analysis.

  103. Marte says

    I am struggling with finding my type.
    I am pretty sure i am a warm, as i look best in gold rather than silver. Also I think my veins are more greenish.
    My eyes are hazel. Hair is chocolate brown, and it gets a bit lighter at summer. Blonde as a child.
    My skin is maybe olive. Get tanned quite fast, but pretty pale in the winter.
    I tend to like beige, brown, cream types of Colors, but also some strong pink and red colors.
    I absolutely do not look god in mustard yellowish.

    I am thinking maybe warm autumn or spring, or maybe soft or deep autumn.
    What do u think??

    • says

      If you like strong colors, I would lean towards Warm Spring or Deep Autumn. If you dislike Mustard Yellow I would rule out Warm Autumn. Soft Autumn tends to be quite muted, and since you like yourself in red, I would also rule it out. If you want to purchase a color analysis at the bottom of the post, I’d be happy to look at your situation more closely. It would be fun to match up an actual face with a description.

  104. Charlene says

    Hi there,
    I’ve been diagnosed as a soft summer but all the soft summer celebrities seem to look so much more darker than me,
    I’m not sure whether they’re all tanning or if I’ve been misdiagnosed?

    I have porcelain skin with cool undertones, blue-grey eyes and dark ash blonde hair,

    If there are some soft summer celebs with fair skin like me please let me know or let me know what season you think I may be, would really appreciate your help.

    • says

      Porcelain skin with cool undertones-blue-grey eyes-and dark ash blonde hair definitely sounds like a possible soft summer but it could also be cool summer. Soft summer usually has some warm undertones in their skin as well, and have some propensity to tan in the sun. If you’d like to purchase a color analysis at the bottom of this post, I’d be happy to help you figure it out. Sometimes the complexion differences can be subtle but the variation in color palettes can make a big impact.

  105. Lindsay says

    I’m utterly confused. My color swatches fit best with clear winter, But how? I was blonde for my entire childhood!

    Once I hit 12 my blonde started darkening and has reached what I believe to be its final shade, a medium cool brown.

    My eyes are a very bright blue, almost blue-green, and my skin is pale and quite neutral, but pulling cool. I have freckles in the summer that are cool toned.

    What am I? Is there any way I could be a clear winter with this color combo?

    • says

      It’s possible that you transitioned from a Light Spring to a Clear Spring or Winter as you features darkened with maturity. Your eyes are certainly a determining factor. The bright pigment is a defining characteristic of the Clear category. If you’d like me to look at the situation more closely, I’d be happy to. There’s a link at the bottom of the post to purchase a color analysis. Hope I get a chance to work with you.

  106. Regina says

    I cannot figure out my best colors!! Luckily I just had a nice, natural lighting corporate photo taken and it shows my coloring very well. However, when I try to match it with your categories, I feel like I fit into 3-4 of them. Visually, looking at the hair and skin swatches I seem to fit well into Soft Autumn, Soft Summer and Clear Spring, but if I match my eye color into the mix then Deep Autumn comes into play as well. However, I’ve never felt that warm browns, golds, rusts and oranges to be my best colors. I have light/medium brown hair with golden highlights (sometimes my hair can look reddish in bright sunlight, at the base my hair looks rather dark brown), my eyebrows look almost black, dark olive eyes rimmed with gray and gold/topaz near pupil, and neutral ivory skin. I think my veins look BOTH green and blue at the same time (is that even possible?). Sometimes I dye my hair darker and get lots of compliments since it contrasts so nicely with my fair skin. As a baby I had black hair, and I think that’s where the confusion comes in as my parents are a mix of Scandinavian blondes and French-Canadian/Native American. I’m really trying to find a cohesive mix for my wardrobe and end up with a lot of neutral colors since they don’t seem to overpower me. But I do throw in some bright shades and can wear some of them well, like a hot pink blazer or verging on neon melon-colored dress. Generally though I think greens suit me best as they make my eyes sparkle. I also wear white very well, but black can look harsh up against my face. I find that whenever I wear something cool, I need to balance it out with something slightly warm, and vice-versa. I tend to go neutral with makeup as well, but I really can pull off a deep red lip (whether slightly cool or slightly warm) and smokey eyes, just usually not together! I feel like such a mess and really need some help here.

    • says

      Based on your description, I think Clear Spring would be a good fit. However, I’d be happy to look at it more closely with a virtual color analysis; there’s a link at the bottom of this post.

  107. Lina says

    I sometimes think nothing looks good on me. Just when I think I’ve got it I change my mind. Hope you can help.
    I have very fair neutral skin, freckled in the summer, I don’t think a tan suits me plus it’s very hard to achieve. I have more contrast in the winter, but often look sallow. My hair is a medium sort of ashy brown, but with slight brassy or copper tones in certain lights. Eyes very light greyish aqua blue with a dark grey-green circle around the iris. I totally disappear in dusty muted colors, yet I don’t look particularly well in anything. Dusty rose and similar shades bring out every flaw. I often buy dark blue, and then feel boring. I’m drawn to red. Darker periwinkle blue looks quite good. Brown is bad. Beige is bad. Black ok. White ok. I was analyzed an Autumn a while ago, but it didn’t work at all. When something looks good on me it is often a combination of colors, so I can’t pinpoint which. Usually brighter colors, despite my not so spectacular coloring. Can you see any pattern here? I wish I could.

  108. Carrie says

    My hair is almost-black with auburn and gold highlights in the sun, my eyes are a very deep brown with a gray ring around the outside, and my skin is an ivory-ish tone that freckles and burns easily. I am almost positive this means I am a Winter, but could you please help guide me as to which one I would be? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Carrie, it’s sounds like you are a Deep Autumn. However, I’d be happy to double check for you if you are interested in purchasing a virtual color analysis. There’s a link to purchase at the bottom of the page. :)

  109. Tracy says

    I know I Am cool I just don’t know if I am a summer or winter. I have very fair skin with a blue undertone and blue eyes and darker blond hair. I think soft colors look bad on me because I am so pasty but darker are too harsh. Thoughts??

    • says

      If dark colors are harsh, I would definitely look at the Summer season. Winters can generally wear shaded colors with black mixed into them. You could look at Cool Summer as a possible fit, and if you’re interested, I’m happy to look into for you. To purchase a color analysis, just look for a link at the bottom of this post.

  110. Steph says

    I’m pretty sure I’m a soft summer and am thinking of dying my hair silver. Is this a good way to go? I have mousy hair and grey-blue eyes with a few freckles and rosy cheeks.
    Thank you!

    • says

      You could definitely dye your hair silver. However, if I were you, I would test a smaller strip on the bottom layer of your hair first just to be sure it doesn’t pull a yellowed shade. Soft Summers do have some warm tones in their skin and hair and a cool, blue-toned silver would definitely be the most flattering on this collection of features. Definitely post pictures in the comments if you do it. I would love to see it.

  111. Samantha says

    I’ve always struggled with this! This is a pretty helpful breakdown however, I don’t fit into a clear type. It’s obvious that I’m an autumn and I’m leaning toward Deep. However, is it possible to be a Deep Autumn with blonde hair?

    My hair is a dark blonde/ light brown and lightens significantly in the summer sun. I clearly have olive toned skin, wearing Bare Minerals “light” or “golden medium”, a la a soft autumn or a deep autumn. However, the Deep Autumn colors suit me much better. Dusty pink and other muted colors wash me out.

    Based on my skin color, Warm autumn is ruled out, but based on my hair color, Deep Autumn is ruled out, so that would leave soft autumn which looks terrible on me. What gives???

    My eyebrows and eyelashes are actually a medium/dark brown (they have never matched my hair, and I used to lighten my eyebrows) and I have rich, dark-ish hazel eyes.

  112. Meredith says

    Hi Reachel,

    In your terms and on your wheel, what does DEEP, COOL SOFT EQUATE TOO?

    I had a professional in person analysis and looking at your wheel I cannot tell who that makes me.


    • says

      Hi Meredith, it depends on what system you’re professional analysis was done in. Deep basically means there’s a high contrast between your eyes skin and hair. Light means there’s a low contrast between your eyes skin and hair. Cool means you have more rosy elements in your skin or look better in blue undertones. Warm means you have more peachy elements in your skin or look better in yellow undertones. Clear means you look better in pure, bright colors. Soft means you look better in muted, dusty colors. Hope that helps.

      • Meredith says

        Hi Raechal,

        It does depend on where you have it done, that’s for sure. Between October – December I have been typed in person, 3 times! Student training with 2 professional stylists overseeing made me deep, cool, soft.
        Another friend and her stylist trainer made me contrasting autumn and my own paid analysis to find out who was accurate made me a cool winter.
        How can all of them be stylists, colour professional and using 1 face come up with so many variants. One thing remains a constant – deep!
        I noticed as I received an email today that you said its interesting how we are variants of our parents. My sisters always used adoption as a cruel joke. Out all all three are palettes the cool winter is probably the one I can use 4-5 shades out of. The toned winter or soft winter I feel as a novice is more accurate – where do you place toned winter/soft winter?

  113. Stacy says

    I’m relatively certain that I am a cool summer.

    Back when the color typing was all the rage in the 80s, I was typed as a summer (and my mom as a winter.) I remember the consultant laughing and saying I was the truest summer she had ever seen.

    I’m pretty sure some people would type me as a winter at a glance — I have fair skin and dark hair and light blue eyes. But I freckle and burn (and don’t tan), my eyes are the shattered glass grey-blue and my hair is just a few shades off black (and getting silvery grey in it now as I age.) Pure white and black are too much. Anything warm toned tends to make me look sallow and my freckles all suddenly appear. My hair does highlight to red when it sunbleaches, but otherwise it’s quite cool toned. I always gravitate towards plums and blues and dark reds — I have at least 4 or 5 wine red shirts!

    • says

      I would love to see a picture of you. You do sounds like a cool summer. I think it’s interesting how we’re usually a degree or two off of our parents. Thanks for stopping by!


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