How to Wear Regular Clothes During Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

her approximate size following 25 weeks of gestation

Should you choose, it is possible to fashion a maternity-wear-free pregnancy.  Here are some tips on how to do it.


First, let’s be clear.  Just because you’re not buying maternity clothes, doesn’t mean you won’t have to find new clothes.  New shapes and new sizes may be required.  But often, you can find traditional clothing choices better tailored to your style and budget.

Next, try it on. Now more then ever it makes a difference how it drapes, where it hugs. You have far more curves to fill the garment than the angles of the hanger.

Finally, buy slowly.  Glutton yourself on the intoxication of well fitting pretties because as it turns out you two may only have fleeting weeks to enjoy each other. 



  • Your expanding arched abdomen is a glorious line. And it is unmistakable physical evidence that you are very desirable to the  opposite sex. Don’t be afraid to outline it with a knit wrap top.  But remember you are not a packaged sausage. If you can see any excessive details of your figure metamorphosis, it is not serving you. 
  • Boo-belly-the unfortunate blocking of the pregnant upper body as a single awkward blob.  Ensure you avoid this predicament with elastic and tie back empire bands, ensuring a clear definition of bust and belly
  • Peasant tops with hip banded waistbands ensure that baby never falls below the line of your blouse. Baby should never find herself exposed to the public before her birth debut.  Long tunics can accomplish the same objective.
  • Finish any top off with an open closure cardigan.  It accommodates the fickle fluctuations of your temperature, while lengthening the line of the figure.  You can also experiment with tying oxford shirts or other thin layers right above your belly.
Skirts & Dresses:
  • As your waistline has at least temporarily migrated north your waistband should follow suit. Belt your dresses at skirts at the narrow empire valley.  Dresses in stretch ready knits can follow the fluctuations of your form to birth and beyond.
  • Don’t be afraid to pull your skirt up and over your belly.  An elastic or drawstring waist midi and maxi skirts offers simultaneous ventilation and modesty.
  • Wrap or tent dresses serve opposite preferences.  Wraps will accentuate your sultry silhouette, while swingy tents offer flirty mystery. Both options usually work best when kept within a couple inches of the knee.
  • Leggings can be awful gossips.  And the content of your panties as well your upper thigh viscosity should be protected private information.  Keep these details undisclosed by wearing a thicker weave material.  It should be closer to a pant than a stocking.
  • Dark, slim denim hides a number of confided secrets.  Somewhere between jeggings and trouser legs is a straight-leg mean. A slim fit in a low rise can button below the northern bulge and offer architectural balance.
  • Foldover lounge pants are tender companions who welcome you into their rolled down support.


  • Don’t believe the nine month myth.  You are going to be pregnant for closer to 10 months, 8 weeks shy of a year.  Thus part of that pregnancy is going to be in full bloom in either the winter or the summer.  Be prepared.
  • Trenchcoats work because you can tie them, when buttons fail.
  • Constrained bladder + compromised balance =  possible one piece swimming fiasco.  Might I suggest a long torso two piece?
  • A mid to skinny belt doesn’t need to be tight to create a definitive difference.
  • Fuller curves can carry bolder ornamentation.  Bright baubles divert attention and redress an entire look.
  • Flats extend far beyond flip flops.  Refuse athletic designed footwear in favor of riding boots, ballet slippers, fashion sandals, as the season demands.
While a strict non-maternity dress may not be appropriate for every figure, every figure can apply at least a handful of these maternity-free options.  And please supplement your experience in the comments.

Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book can include your own pregnant styling rules of conduct and much more.

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  1. says

    You’ll have to help me with the ornamentation part. I have a hard time wearing bold, big jewelry. I like it on others but it feels out of place on me. I think I just need to find the right kind. Your posts on this are brilliant, by the way. xo

  2. says

    I bought fold-over jersey knit skirts at Old Navy last summer for my first trimester with my fourth baby. They were not maternity but were so comfortable through my entire pregnancy, and great for postpartum too. Highly recommended!

  3. says

    Where, oh where, were these posts a year ago when I was newly pregnant? Thanks for the great advice. Will you be writing a what to wear post-partum post soon? =)

  4. says

    THIS IS AMAZING. My friend sent me this link because I recently was complaining about finding maternity clothes. I’m definitely going to be looking for some elastic waist skirts, and taking your advice on holding off on the well fitting clothes! Sometimes when I’m shopping I forget– I still have much more to grow!

    I’ve just barely started pulling my skirts up over my belly… they just looked awful at the natural waist line, but I was a little bit in denial that I was growing so quickly. and I actually like it!

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