SprinklesOnTop Giveaway Winner

Heidi Jo‘s two comments pushed her into spot thirty-five, the winning digits of the SprinklesOnTop giveaway.

Hear Hear Heidi Jo!

Contact me and let me know which pretty little adornment you’d like to see crowned on your beautiful baby girl’s head.

And I can no longer masquerade under the false pretense that Miss Munchie isn’t a Utopian existence. She really is sublime. Forgive me for self-indulgently posting the rest of Miss Bagley’s 4-month fashion shoot. I will try to justify my self indulgence with a smattering of tips.

1) Make sure your baby garments do not require ironing. Babies lounge, lounging equals wrinkles. And do I even need to mention a veto on dry cleaning?

2) Tights are in my opinion far superior to socks. Not only do they smooth out the diaper line, but they actually remain on.

3) Cute outer-panties are a perfect finishing touch, especially if your diminutive dear one finds cotton as orally irresistible as mine does.

Hearts, hearts, with a unicorn thrown in for good measure.

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  1. says

    Your baby is so sweet! All of this posting about baby-wear makes me yearn for a little girl of my own. I already have 3 wonderful boys but…

  2. says

    she is to die for. and of course she is decked out to the nines. i love her! so precious! you deserve it!
    i saw the anthro mix and match, wish i was in AZ i wouldve love to go! how fun. love all your anthro connections! i really want to work there this summer!
    loves to you!

  3. says

    Question about tights on babies! I’ve seen some women at church that put their baby’s diaper cover UNDER the tights…. I always put my baby’s diaper cover OVER the tights. Who’s “right” ?

  4. says

    seriously, I am so happy for you and Andrew. Catching a glimpse of your darling daughter now and then just makes me relive the baby bliss of our first year with our adopted daughter. I don’t need to tell you this, but I will– it just gets better and better. :)
    (Andrew’s cousin)

  5. says

    Dear Coco just kills me with her cuteness. Please indulge yourself by posting her pictures anytime! :)

    When my husband and I are ready, I anticipate the day I can dress mine as cutely as you dress Miss Coco.

  6. says

    Please please continue to post photos of your precious little Coco! So adorable! Every time I see her it makes me miss my girl at that age (though at age 13, *she* makes me long for her babyness too!)

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