Shy Décolletage: Shabby Apple

If your taste for lady egg exposure lies closer to Victorian rather than Elizabethan standards, this message is for you. Perhaps the skin two handbreadths from the base of your neck morally reddens with bashful manifestation or perhaps you care not to reveal the previously smooth valley which age has begun to furrow.

As an admitted bashful bosom, you are no doubt skilled in the application of the neckline rising power of a camisole. But why not try a solution that includes built-in propriety?

Shabby Apple is a modest Camelot, home of treasures like the 90 Words Per Minute Secretary Dress. Let us admire each facet of this gem.

1. Neckline. Tying the neckline around the literal neck, keeps the entire bust and all that leads up to it divinely sequestered.

2. Sizing. While this frock is labeled “generously sized,” I found the size smaller I ordered to be just a bit snug. I believe the draping would be more flattering if ordered in the traditional size.

3. Seasonality: This light-weight jersey is the perfect weight for a spring or summer day-dress. If you want to transition this piece into fall and winter, I recommend pairing it with a pair of embellished stockings and a sweater vest or core-warming cardigan. And let that playful little neck-tie peak out. With its ability to layer or stand-alone, the 90-Words Per Minute Secretary Dress could quickly become an all-season favorite.

4. Elementals. The rouching on the sides helps the dress to drape smoothly over shapely hips, however, given the overly cozy size I selected, it created a few unsightly lines across my generous bottom. Pick the right size, and this will not happen to you.

Does your closet need one of these too?

Then, click on over to Shabby Apple’s Blog and find a promotional code cloaked like your sweater puppies, and redeemable on any Shabby Apple dress (see some of my high-necked favorites below).

Or you can enter up to two times for a chance to win your own Shabby Apple 90 Words Per Minute Dress.

Way to Win 1: Visit Shabby Apple’s Blog, become a follower, and leave a confirming comment on their blogpost with the hidden promotional code.

Way to Win 2: Visit the Shabby Apple Store, and leave a comment on this Cardigan Empire post detailing your favorite dress, and why you think it would suit your body type.

The winner of Shy Décolletage Bosom Friend will be selected on Friday, October 9th. The winner gets to select a 90 Words Per Minute dress in her size of choice.

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  1. says

    I love how you paired that cardigan with the dress. I have quite a few Shabby Apple Dresses but right now I have my eye on the Fifth Avenue, Polo (with a great belt) and the Upper east Side. I am tall with a linear figure and think these will work well to give me a waist!

  2. says

    There are many Shabby Apple dresses that I love, but only a very few that I think would love ME with my soon-to-be postpartum, pear-shaped body! The Azure Coast dress might just fit the bill. I wouldn’t mind winning the 90 wpm dress though – it might look nice on me someday… or be a great gift!

  3. says

    Oh I totally LOVE Bon Voyage…trying to decide if it hugs the hips too much for my Pear shape though. Totally put the Ballerina in my cart. The ruching will be friendly to my waist and the A-line skirt will be kind to my hips and buttocks.:)

  4. says

    As a center, I do not find dresses that i love frequently. Especially while I’m nursing. However, I think the empire waistline on the yorkshire dress would skim rather than hug my center.

  5. says

    Shabby Apple has the most wonderful dresses. My favorite is the Madison Avenue. Oh how I covet that dress.

    I saw your mom tonight and she told me the good news. So excited for you!


  6. says

    I’ve been eyeballing that Fifth Avenue dress since giraffes were considered “short people” It would work great to camouflage the decolletage and hide my latin lover hips:)

  7. says

    I’ve been eying the Fifth Avenue dress for quite a few weeks and I think I’ll be purchasing it soon. I know it would flatter my figure because of the night waist skirt and the pattern would camouflage any lumpys that may show throw, the neckline is beyond classic and I am a bit upper arm shy and the 3/4 sleeve is calling my name…nay, screaming it.

  8. says

    My heart is set on the Ballerina, Upper East Side, and now that you’ve said the 90 minute dress fits bottom curvy ladies, I’m set on that one too!

  9. says

    I love the Duck Beach Dress. I think the ribbon bow would emphasize my small waist, while the a-line fit would flatter my lower figure. Plus, I look really good in red!

  10. says

    The Fifth Avenue is my favorite…I’ll just have to bend the budget this month to buy it.

    I’d much rather have the dress than a nice dinner out :)

  11. says

    ooo, I’d love the 90wpm dress! I finally bought my first Shabby Apple dress and I’m waiting for it in the mail. It’s the Antiquated dress, and I think it’ll be my dress because it’s basic black (I’m alll about basics) and it travels well (I’m alll about the travelling!)

  12. says

    I would love to win the 90 words per minute dress b/c I can type that fast! : ) Seriously tho, I’m a Shabby Apple fan and have shopped from there in the past. They are great to work with and have so many beautiful styles to choose from. I would love, love, love to add this dress to my collection! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. says

    I added myself to follow Shabby Apple on Twitter, but couldn’t find the place to follow their blog? Does this count??? PLEASE, let it count! :)

  14. says

    My favorite is the Marseilles dress! I think it would be flattering because the tie would give me a nice waist while the skirt would be flattering over my hips. I’m guessing it’d have a little bit more 50’s look on me…

    I’m loving the look of the 90wpm dress in your post too!

  15. says

    I’ve been eyeing the 5th ave dress for the last 4 months. I love it. My mom has used Shabby Apple dresses for bridesmaid dresses with my brother’s and my sister’s weddings. I only wish they had been around for mine.

  16. says

    I love the Sunday Afternoon dress – the pleated waist is perfect for my body type. I always have a hard time with dresses – without a defined waist, they drape over me like a gint t-shirt or sweater. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  17. says

    Well, I’m following Appple a Day’s blogs now and from taking your wonderful class… I learned that I’m a bottom figure so this specific dress would be great for my body type because the sleeves sorta puff out to even out the hip area to balance everything out. Also, the dress looks like it’s a “A” line shape which is also great with balancing and the bow near the neckline draws your attention up rather then down. AND the blue would be perfect for my skin tone! According to my color charts. :)

  18. says

    I’ve been eyeing several Shabby Apple dresses, but didn’t realize they had a blog! I absolutely love their dresses because they are stylish, refined, ladylike and very sexy in that they leave some things to the imagination.

    I’m currently infatuated with the Moss and Ivy dress, but I think the Storm dress would flatter my very curvy and very petite hourglass more, with it’s lovely cap sleeves, v-neck and tie belt at the waist.

  19. says

    I love the Coney Island dress. As I lack in the torso department, empire waist dresses do wonders for my stunted torso and make me look long and lean.

  20. says

    My hubby was just called to the MTC in a Branch Presidency which means I go too. BUT now all my skirts and dresses must be midcalf length! I have been dying to find suitable attire that is not made of polyester! HELP ME! The Olive Tuxedo Dress would be PERFECT. Embellishments on my meager upper half and beautiful straight lines flowing effortlessly over my not so meager lower figure. Perfect to pair with a jacket or cardigan for my name tag. OOOOOHhhh I need this dress.

  21. says

    I absolutel love both the Fifth Avenue Dress and the Carousel Dress…. adorable, adorable, adorable and delightfully figure-flattering! Both look so put-together and GORGEOUS… and both are on my wish list! :-)

  22. says

    I love the Ballerina dress. The neckline would flatter my upper half while the cut of the skirt would “hide” the excess of my lower half.

  23. says

    I love love love the Lincoln Center dress. Cute, without the need for a camisole (oh, how I’m tired of camisoles!). Flattering a-line skirt, interesting off-center buttons that perhaps don’t gap as much? It’s just adorable.

  24. says

    I’m going to have to go with the teal Odyssey maternity dress. Thanks to babies my figure is ever changing and I’m not sure what will flatter me after this one is born in April, but I do look very lovely in teal.

  25. says

    I LOVE their dresses, wish I had known about the site when I was pregnant! maybe next time. I heart the Carousel dress. The straight a line skirt always seems to work well on my body.

  26. says

    I’m from the UK, and had never heard of this company before. The dresses look incredible, and really great value for money. I love the Azure Coast, wrap dresses really flatter me and (according to your previous posts) teal is one of ‘my colours’. Brilliant.

  27. says

    I love the Coney Island dress. The empire waist would flatter my apple figure and look great in that shade of red. This is such a great giveaway! I love the 90 words dress too!

  28. says

    My issue is that I am an apple– but tend to like the clothes of every other bodytype but mine, LOL. I love everything in the fifth ave dress, but would probably look like a pregnant giraffe (even though I am not pregnant).–I guess I need to get a lookbook or online shopping appt to redo my wardrobe. =)

    Anyway, of the ones best suited to my apple shape, I like the Yorkshire dress. I think I am warm so I look good in brown.

  29. says

    I love Shabby Apple’s Marseilles dress. I’m on the tall side and have trouble these days finding dresses long enough to cover enough thigh. This one fits the bill. And the stripes and waist tie would help distract from my “baby belly” (harder to get rid of after boy #3).

  30. says

    I love, love, love the Mary Jane Watson dress. As well as the Fifth Avenue dress. AND the Ballerina. And! the 90wpm dress. Ahhh so many to choose from, so many to love.

  31. says

    I heart Shabby Apple! I just bought the ballerina dress to wear to a wedding. I showed up matching the bride maids to a T (pearls and everything). It was so embarrassing!

    I love the carousel dress, the fabric is so dreamy.

  32. says

    How to choose just one???
    My fave would have to be Bon Voyage. I’m on the curvier side with a small waist and I think it would fit beautifully. I love how it says “fits generously.” That’s great for hourglass figures if we need to nip in the waist but have a hard time finding something that fits the hips and bust.

  33. says

    Well I love the Five to Nine dress, but I don’t think it would flatter my poochy, baby tummy. :( So for a dress I both love and would be flattering, I’m going to with the Jackie O dress.

  34. says

    choosing a favorite dress from shabby apple is like choosing a favorite kid!! Okay…not that dramatic, but I love all of their stuff. I love the marseilles, and the 5 to 9 a lot.

  35. says

    Shabby Apple makes me wish I had a shopping addiction, and money. I once thought I had an hour glass figure but let’s be honest, I’ve been petite since day one and the Olive Tuxedo dress stood out to me. Besides the shape to help my small figure feel modest but still attract attention, the beautiful color will help my green eyes pop.

  36. says

    I own three Shabby Apple dresses, including the 9 to 5, which is similar.

    But in true Cardigan Empire style, I don’t wear it too often because it is starting to pill and not look so sharp. But it is still one of my faves and I would love to replace it!

    I am currently crushing on the cats cradle!

  37. says

    I love Shabby Apple and was so happy to find beautiful, modest dresses. I own two of them: Madison Ave. and Ballerina. I would love the Sunday Afternoon dress and think it would look great on my apple shaped body because it defines and flatters a waistline. I love the dresses and love how their are so many that flatter. Shabby Apples customer service is great too. I have emailed them with questions and always get a nice and helpful response.

  38. says

    I actually just purchased Fifth Avenue thinking it’d be perfect for my hourglass, but sadly the way it puckered at the neckline was all wrong for my narrower shoulders. For its replacement, I was hoping the Jody Maxman dress would be a better fit with the way the belt nips the waist.

  39. says

    I like the coney island dress as far as the regular size dresses go- I don’t have anything like it, and I am pretty sure that is one of my colors. I like the sicily dress from the maternity section. It is simple and I don’t like fru fru when big and round. :)

  40. says

    I love them all and I’ve actually had my eye the 90 Words Per Minute for a while now. It’s a great color on me and I’m thinking it would be just right on my new curves–I’ve lost about 30 pounds this year. I also love anything with a belt–I’m just hair away from being an hourglass (I lean less than an inch towards lower), and I love the way belted dresses look on my curves. I’m loving Mary Jane Watson for that reason.

  41. says

    The Yorkshire dress is my favorite. I have had my eye on it for awhile now. I love how the empire waist hides my “had a few babies” tummy. Plus it isn’t too long for my 5 foot frame!

  42. says

    How can I choose a favorite Shabby Apple dress? For now I really have my mind on that 90 wpm dress! I think it would draw attention to my blue eyes (and away from my ample bosom) while accentuating my curves in all of the right places. I’ve got some cardigans I’d like to try over it this Fall. Thank you for the great blog and the info on Shabby Apple!

  43. says

    All of their dresses are so great, I’m having a hard time choosing one! I love the Coney Island and Upper East Side in that brilliant blue. And the Yorkshire would be perfect with my new brown boots all winter long. All A line to be sweet to my hips. :)

  44. says

    I like the Sunday Afternoon dress, because I am nursing. It has lovely little buttons that keep everything under wraps when needed, and discretely allow access when baby says so. And it accentuates the waist to flatter my curves, flatter my thin ribcage, but hide any lingering baby weight.

  45. says

    Oh my goodness! So many pretty dresses. But if I have to pick favorites, I’ll go with the Jackie O and the Nantucket. I’ve fallen in love with both.

    (Apparently, you can take the girl out of New England, but you can’t take New England out of the girl.)

    And as a shy-chested hourglass, I think they’d both suit me well.

  46. says

    I just found your blog and love, love, love it! The Coney Island dress is one of my favorites. I love anything with a ruffle and think the empire waist is very flattering.

  47. says

    I love Shabby Apple and there are so many dresses on the site that I adore. I would especially love the Fifth Ave dress. I think it would be very flattering and the giraffe print is fantastic!

  48. says

    Oh the 90 Min. dress is just what I need to spice up this hot Fall we are having here in Texas. The neckline would so take away from my lovely backside!

  49. says

    I won the 90 words per minute dress during the NieNie Auction and I love it! Its so flattering for my curves and I loved that I had to order a size down – I have never ever bought an xs before. I always get comments on it from people.

    I dont need another one but just had to comment that it really is a great dress!

    The dress that I caught my eye is the “Madison Avenue.” I adore the neckline and think that it would do great things for my hourglass waist. But the Lincoln Center looks pretty cute too…

  50. says

    I think this blue secretary dress is interesting. It’s very cute, but I wonder about the pleats on the sides. How would this type of dress look on a triangle? This dress may go terribly wrong on the wrong body type.

    A dress I really like that might look good on a triangle would be the Carousel dress. Empire waists tend to minimize the hips…

  51. says

    That Tiery Eyed or Red Delicious needs to get into my closet STAT!!!! I <3 shabby apple! you can’t go wrong with their dresses! At least I never have before!

  52. says

    That Tiery Eyed or Red Delicious needs to get into my closet STAT!!!! I <3 shabby apple! you can’t go wrong with their dresses! At least I never have before!

  53. says

    I can’t decide I love the I’Ety – I think the lines would help with creating a more vertical appearance for those of us in the peite world, as well as emphasizing my waist. The otherthat I love is the Fifth Ave – I just can’t take my eyes off of it, I love the neck line, and the sleves, as well as the emphasis that the white could give to the upper torso, while the pattern could smooth out some of the new shaping from two children. Oh how I love them.

  54. says

    I love their dresses- in pictures! They just don’t make ones to fit my chest, unfortunately. They look super cute for the slightly smaller chested girl, though! I wish they made ones that would fit me better! I may have to enter their design contest to design one that would fit me- so they’ll make it. :)

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