Everyone deserves a friend to go shopping with. The Fashion Look Book is like a friend, that you keep in on your phone, and has lots and lots of opinions. Good, tactfully phrased opinions. Opinions that will make you walk away from that clearance top that’s shaped like a pillow case. Specifically the fashion look book tells you your body type, what colors you can wear, how to successfully clean your closet, how to buy a better wardrobe for less, and more. The fashion look book is kind of a know-it-all, but at least it’s concise. The fashion look book loves you, it wants what’s best for you. Trust the fashion look book.

The personalized Fashion Look Book begins with a virtual consultation to diagnose your fashion prescription. This information will be used to carefully constitute the rules of your empire.   Consultation will be conducted online.  Delivery will also be completed online unless otherwise requested.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for virtual delivery.* 

Or save by purchasing the Virtual Fashion Package (please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery*) which includes a look book & virtual shopping session.

Combine theory and execution in a dollar squirreling combo-pack. Includes both a customized fashion lookbook and a virtual shopping session.

Read yourself some client reviews here.

*Timeline window begins once virtual survey has been completed and snapshots have been received.

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  1. says

    Hi Emily-
    I don’t have a digital portfolio available at present, but if you’d like, I can give you a few references which you are welcome to contact. Feel free to e-mail me at reachelbagley(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll give you their contact information.

  2. says

    I am very interested in purchasing the book as well. I am curious, however, if you have anything geared for the more curvatious, voluptuous type. I am 6′ tall and a 16-18. I dream of being a fashionista..but find that my choices are incredibly limited. Any help for the chubby chic?

  3. says

    How long is the book? Will it give me advice on which stores to look at for my budget? How long does it take to receive the Fashion Look Book?

  4. says

    The travel-size look book covers body type, lifestyle, color & complexion, signature style, and whatever else your interview dictates. Unlike the virtual shopping session which recommends specific stores and selections for individual budgets, the lookbook covers theory.

    The lookbook delivery is dependent on existing orders in the queue. Since the lookbook is handmade and individually customized, your patience is greatly appreciated.

  5. says

    Reachel – I have a few questions about the look book. I realize this post is three years old, but it appears you’re still selling them…

    1) Would shipping to Canada be included in the $48?

    2) How many colour swatches are included in the book? And are they cloth, paper, or laminated cloth?

    3) What do you require for photographs to make the colour-season assessment?

    Thank you!

  6. says

    Hi Reachel, Are your lookbooks still available? Its now July 2014 also….
    Are they available to international folk like me in Oz or is it only for those in the USA??
    And are they for older folk in their late 50’s??? I don’t want to be a granny dresser !!!!
    Just wondering as id love to get one
    thanks for all the great info on your site
    regards Samdee

    • SqueakyWheel says

      Hey, now! Not everyone in their 50’s are – or dress like – grannies. Or cougars. Some of us are modernists, artists, etc. Just like not all young women dress in Uggs and pajama bottoms. I hope.

      Love…an “old” lady.

  7. abir says

    Hi . I want to ask u if possible to order a portfolio but I already know my color , body and all the above ..is that possible if I provide u with all of the info? How much and do u have for men as well?

    • says

      Hi, I can definitely put together a book for you that lines up with your existing profile. I also do offer complete lookbooks for men if you are interested. Feel free to message me at reachel at cardiganempire.com

  8. BaaBaa says

    The links are broken. I was wanting to look at the info on the client reviews and virtual shopping session but get 404 errors when I click on them. Can you help?

  9. Susie says

    Just paid for my lookbook – what now? Will I get an email link for the online survey? That could be more clear, instead of just a link to the paypal page.

    • says

      Hi Susie, you should have received a link to an online survey as well as a request for a head shot and body shot. Let me know if you didn’t receive these details. I’m happy to resend them. I look forward to working with you.

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