Hair Courage: Pixie Reveal

I’d like to thank my short hair sponsors,  a stylist who snipped off my locks an inch at a time, and my husband who told me not to do it, thereby inspiring my stubborn rebellion. 
I love it.  Next time, I’m going even shorter.

I chose to accessorize my hair with the 
since you can add-on customization at a mere $7.50, I extended the length, because short-short isn’t always a good thing.  
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  1. Anonymous says

    Your hair looks wonderful! I went from super long hair to a pixie in October, and I have never received so many compliments in my life! Definitely no regrets…especially in the morning when my hair takes less than two minutes to style.

  2. Amy says

    Is this the “knee length” or “below the knee length?” I love the length of your dress and want to order it now!

  3. Anonymous says

    Rachel, Is there any way you could post some close ups of your haircut- sides and back,too? I would be thrilled if I could get my hairdresser to do the same for me!!
    Happy day,

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