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    What are the absolute essentials? Also, I need a *ahem* bigger bra. Should I get one that will work when I’m nursing? What kind is best?

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    Im 29 weeks and feeling like a blimp in all my maternity clothes.. How can make the bump look cute without accentuating all the :ahem: added poundage?

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    I am expecting baby no. 2. My favorite things to wear during my first pregnancy were items that weren’t maternity, but worked over my bump anyway. What items are in style now that can work pregnant or not? I am tempted to spend the whole summer in maxi dresses and skirts.

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    Nursing ideas! I am so sick of button down shirts and having to un-tuck tops! Is there a great secret I’m missing out on? Besides those UBER expensive nursing tops? Please help!

  5. Anonymous says

    Postpartum fashion: what to do when you look basically 10+ pounds overweight and have a different figure type than pre-pregnancy OR pregnancy. And I second the request for nursing ideas, too! Yearning to wear a (not ridiculously expensive or ugly) dress again!

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    Yes, I also need help with nursing suggestions. I don’t want to show the whole world my postpartum belly when I pull up my shirt. I need some different options!

  7. Anonymous says

    I’m sure Reachel will have some great ideas, but here’s what I’ve been doing while nursing and not wanting to show off the post-partum mushy belly: I wear a nursing tank with a cute cardigan over the top.

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    I am wondering the basics list of great clothes i will want to wear while pregnant. Its hard to know what to buy, and its hard to know what size to get..I dont want it to be too small at the end of pregnancy.Thanks!!

  9. Anonymous says

    I second the request for postpartum fashion for those of us who struggle to get rid of that squishy belly.

    Also, where to look for maternity clothes. So many are so frumpy or boring or look like they were made for a little kid!!

    And how to dress when the bump on your rear grows as quickly as the bump on your belly,

  10. Miamibaby says

    I like the idea of wearing non maternity as maternity, but every time I try I strike out. Can you show some examples of current pieces from stores like anthro that might work for preggos? And I am having especially hard time finding things that will be modest without a cardi…it is going to be a hot 3rd trimester in the summer in miami!

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