Guest Brand: Adored Austin

Broadcasting to the Chic Channel: Meet Adored Austin

Name: Indiana Adams

Age: Fabulous
(she told me, but I refuse to reveal the age of an aspiring actress)
City of Residence: Austin, Texas

Pithy Title for your hybrid of Signature Style: Thrifty, Whimsical new bohemian.

Brief Narrative on your Personal Brand of Sartorial Fashion: I endeavor to wear at least one item a day that either makes someone smile, want to strike up a conversation with me, and/ or reminds them of their childhood or grandma. Nostalgia is the driving force behind what I wear, but I tend to shy away from looking like I’m wearing a costume or like I was dropped into 2009 via a time warp from the past.

How old were you when you figured out your sense of style? I still don’t think I have it figured out. My sense of style is constantly shifting. This year was a stellar year in my marriage so I tended to dress ultra feminine and romantic: dresses, cardigans, ruffles, etc. This fall has been a great time for my work as a writer and actress; I’m feeling a little more creative and artistic, so I’m dressing a little more bohemian and free: layers, hippie inspired frocks, 70’s shoes, etc.

However, I know I loved fashion and clothes at a very early age. I was three when I started carefully planning what to wear. For show-and-tell at pre-school, I took a sweater that I loved, whereas other kids brought toys, games, and books.

Who is your style icon? Claudia Kishi from the Babysitters Club.

What’s your best piece of fashion advice for women? You have to try things on at the store. You have to! Otherwise, you’ll buy it, and it won’t fit as well as you hoped, but you’ll never get around to taking it back, so you’ll wear it and not be crazy about it and feel frumpy in it then get grumpy then declare that you hate your wardrobe because you do this EVERY TIME. Yep. This was the story of my life up until my sophomore year of college when I finally realized that no matter how much something cost, fit is everything, so I finally started trying stuff on.

Where do you shop when you want a bargain? For thrifted items: Savers in north Austin. For new items: the internet. Always.

Where are your top 5 places to shop overall? Currently Savers, Buffalo Exchange,, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel (Outlet).

What body issue do you dress around, and how?
Dislikes: I’m shaped like a boy– no hips, no butt, and no chest. On top of that I have a tendency to muffin top.
Likes: arms, legs, and height.
Therefore, I try to keep things flowy around my mid-section. To show off my limbs, I buy a lot of dresses and skirts and sleeveless tops. Capris are banished because they somehow make me look like a soccer mom. A short, frumpy soccer mom.

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