Color Analysis: Warm & Rich

Rita Hayworth

Swinging to the warm side of the chart is a population of peaches & cream faces mingling with visages of olive and sunny brown, copper or amber tinged locks, and golden flecked eyes.

Softly swirling borders embrace the pupils of their eyes while erratic flecks glint towards the edges of their irises.

This group blooms in earthy hues while withering in pastels and unadulterated primaries. Warm complexions whose hair and skin create a strong comparison can wear black, but it should be deliberately coupled with appropriately fiery cosmetics.
Tobacco Brown
Dark/Dove Grey
Green Gold/Mustard
Lemon Yellow
Rust Red
Hot Pink
Teal Blue
Periwinkle/Sky Blue
Wine Purple
Warm Beige
Dusty Rose
Olive Green

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  1. says

    I’m so in the middle too. I tend to look really good in deep, saturated jewel colors and not pastels. Pastels wash me out. But I also don’t really look that great in like brick red, olives and mustard colors.

  2. says

    Mauri, you sound like you have cool & vibrant (winters) qualities. Pastels would indicate a more delicate summer complexion. Warm, earthy colors point to warm autumns. We do still have one color season to analyze so stay tuned.

  3. says

    Oh dear. Now I’m confused–the description of the features sounds just like me and the eye you have pictured looks just like my eye (mildly disturbing!), but the colors you’ve listed on the Uh-Huh side of the chart make me look yellower. Even though my features fall on the warm side of the chart, could I still be in the middle, like Mauri?

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