Color Analysis: Cool and Delicate

Grace Kelly

Somewhere in the middle of the chart, but slightly to the chilled left, is the delicate blend of cool and delicate. Without the extreme disparity of vivid features and alabaster skin, these mildly hued sirens have a low contrast between their softly rosed lips, ashy hued hair, and mildly-toned skin.

Their eyes have the texture of crackled glass, glinting and catching the colors of the sun. And while they may have some warm features, the overall effect is still dominantly cool.

These lambs look best in pastel or sun-drenched colors, anything too intense will overwhelm their subtle color harmony.



Pumpkin Orange

Dusty Rose

Rusty Wine

Pale Citrus Yellow

Gold Chartreuse

Powder Blue

Warm Beige/Camel

Sage/Mint Green

Olive Green

Blush Pink


Watermelon Red



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  1. says

    Hi Stacie-

    I received an order from you for a lower figured cheat sheet which I sent out on September 12th. Let me know if you didn’t receive it, and if you would like to upgrade your order to a fashion look book.

    Take care,

  2. says

    I realize that this was posted almost a year ago, but I was wondering: what sort of neutrals should someone in this category wear? Obviously no camel or black (oh woe, black is so easy!) but what about navy? Gray? White? Cream? Help!

    P.S. Great blog. I am a total lurker and hope one day for a look book of my own.

  3. says


    For a true delicate summer I would recommend cool soft neutrals like white, dove gray, and muted blue. Many summers can also pull off navy, but you’ll have to experiment to find what’s right for you. And remember it’s more important what you wear near your face than what your wear on bottom. You can wear nearly any color of trouser without incident.

    Take care,

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