Color Analysis: Cool and Brilliant

Hugging the cool side of the chart is Snow White incarnate, with ethereal, moonlit skin and deep, dark locks (or possibly dark ebony skin and inky black tresses).
A dark ring rims your iris while spokes of glinting color radiate from the pupil.

The intense contrast between your translucent skin and pigment soaked hair and eyes foretells of personal radiance in pure, crisp colors, like those following on the left. Wearing the warm colors in the right forebodes of epidermal infirmity.

Yes Ma’am

No Sir

Bright Emerald

Olive Green

Lemon/Canary Yellow


Cherry Red

Brick Red

Schiaparelli Pink/Fuchsia


Dark/Dove Grey

Tobacco Brown


Rusty Orange

Pure White



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  1. says

    Wooh, That’s me. I never thought I could wear yellow though. I may have to give those shades a try.
    I love wearing teal and it’s not on the list at all. Is it a no no, or just one of those colors that looks good on many people?
    Thanks, You are awesome!

  2. says

    I just tried a bright yellow shirt for the first time, and it looks GREAT!!!! I never would have thought I could wear yellow–I paired a yellow t-shirt with a white cardigan and dark blue jeans, and . . . WOW.

    Lynnae, teal should be alright as long as it’s a blue-green teal with no (or very little) yellow in it. Yellow-greens and brown-greens tend to the warm side of the colour wheel (thus the banishment of olive green), while blue-greens always sit in the cool side. Same with the reds-the colours listed in the “Yes Ma’am” column are all blue-reds, which cools them off a bit for us.

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