Signature Style: Traditional

Today is Mrs. Stephanie Court‘s finale on Cardigan Empire’s Signature Style week. She bows and exits the stage looking timeless and traditional.

Nothing says classic like a crisp white button-up; every woman should have at least one in her closet. While the Sluice Gate Blouse meets the basic requirements of the menswear classic, it is utterly ladylike. Lightly lined cotton and a ruffled placket speak of nothing but maturity and sophistication.

A clean waist and classic pleats on a neutral poplin. These elements give the Cornelia Skirt undying fashion endurance.
Now I think Mrs. Stephanie needs to divulge her signature style preference. And please, leave a comment telling us about yours.

Remember, you can crossbreed two or more styles to create something unique to yourself. Perhaps you’re a modern romantic or a traditional bohemian, but the overall look should stay consistent. Your aim is singular not schizophrenic.

Fancy yourself traditional? 1 hundred 98 cents = your own traditional Signature Style fashion look book cheat sheet.

Desire something deeper? Reserve a 60 minute virtual shopping session to compile a portfolio of uniquely personal ensembles. Rather than teetering between blasé and flagrant, relax knowing you will have an expert to offer informed opinions, creative outfitting advice, and savvy shopping experience. Sessions initiate with a signature style discovery interview.
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  1. says

    after much careful consideration, i have determined my signature style to be traditional with a hint of romance. now i just need a major shopping trip to fill the enormous void in my closet!

    thanks for letting me be on your blog, reachel. it was so fun! you truly are a fashion genius.

    see you tomorrow!

  2. says

    oh my gosh, this is totally no surprise since stephanie is my sister and we often make verbatim comments on peoples’ blogs. i guess growing up sharing a room for 17 years will make you the same in a lot of ways. because i think my style is “traditional with a hint of romance,” too. maybe a bit of modern thrown in. you did a great job, reachel!

  3. says

    We decided that I was a modern romantic, with maybe a bit of bohemian here and there. I definitely think that narrowing down my style is going to help me SO much while clothes shopping. And I love the idea of having a look all my own. So thank you for sharing your bounteous wisdom. :) You are so good at what you do!!

  4. says

    You are amazing!! Just found your blog through a link on the Nie Nie Dialogues. I’ll be adding you to my sidebar and visiting often :)
    Blessings sent to you for all you have done for the recovery fundraising!

  5. says

    I think I’m definitely traditional with a little splash of diva now and then (à la timeless black dress paired with ruby red heels, or neutral bag with leopard print wallet)I would LOVE to be able to take you shopping with me…awesome blog. I too found you through the little plug for you on Nie’s site…kudos!

  6. says

    I love your blog!!! I found you on the Nie Nie Dialouges and have determined that the majority of my wardrobe should be fired…Ugh. But…So very timid about where to start. I’ll continue to tune in because I need serious help! Do u ever do classes in Utah? (that would be lovely:))

  7. says

    I recently found your blog and love it! I am a traditional with hints of bohemian and modern. But! What happens when your work place cramps your style? How do you mesh the two? I work at a hospital treating patients. I must wear pants, shirts without cleavage, hose or socks with close-toed, comfortable shoes appropriate for lifting patients. How boring.

  8. says

    Heather, there’s always creative ways to infuse your work wear with your own personal style. You can select patterned hose, or colorful flats. Try a pant with a discreet pattern like a glen plaid. You deserve to express your personal sense of self. When done appropriately others appreciate the identification as well. We’ll have to dedicate a week to more tips and techniques.

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