Fitting Room Friday: Linear Body Type

You have the figure of a model: lean, lithe linear. Your svelte figure is exalted on the fronts of fashion magazines.  There are no nonsensical curves interrupting the line of your body or interrupting the lines of your clothes. Your shape implies practicality with an evenly proportioned width belying your entire body. Sharers of your sex may envy your slim shape, but what they may not know is, the feeling might be mutual.

Your slender build is suffused with secrets. Such as, it may be difficult for you to feel feminine in your clothes. Let alone find clothes that fit at all. While some women shy away from fitting rooms because it’s impossible to find refuge from clinging, your trepidation may stem from repeated attempts to find ensembles (outside of the of the juniors department) that don’t droop. If you don’t wear a padded bra, some maternal female figure has probably suggested it to you. And in an insecure moment, you may have examined the ads in the back of cheap magazines for padded panties and wondered whether those before and after pictures are really valid. All of these are characteristics of the characteristic linear body type, with a waist/hip and waist/bust ratio greater than .75; your hips and bust are virtually the same. Your ratios can appear identical to the middle figure, but rather than a soft, supple figure, you have an angular architectureUnlike your contoured counterparts, you have the liberty to accessorize liberally. You can create volume and interest with frills, pleats, and ruffles. We want to draw shapely curves along your figure with piped edges, row of buttons, or strategically placed pockets. Looking for soft, flowing fabrics will create movement and allude to rounder shapes. Your master goal is to draw curves and minimize angles. The pieces that you select should be flirty and feminine.

And today, we have some really, real fitting room footage. These linear ladies are not only lovely, but they prove that linear body types do not in fact have unicorns and fairies helping them get dressed every morning. They like you have the much better magic of Cardigan Empire. Click below to enjoy:

Gracious thanks to Blissful Living Studio for providing the fitting room set, and Kierland Commons Anthropologie for letting our models don their pretties. Below is a rundown for Ashley and Leisel’s ensembles:

Shoofly Shell: Floaty voile is covered in ruffles creating waves of curves at the bust.
Rolling Hills Skirt: Gauzy folds of double organza swing just above the knee creating swaying volume at the hip.

Wyeth’s View Blouse: Rustling ruffles of silk at the bust give the illusion of underlying volume. A puffed sleeve in textural lace extend delicate shoulders.
AG Willow Ankle: We are all sold out of the high waisted Habituals Leisel modeled. But may I recommend a slim cut trouser for you? You are one of the few body types that benefit from a tapered denim. The narrow ankle alludes to a wider, curvier hip and close fitting seat showcases the subtle curves of your bottom.

Proclaim it with pride:


1 hundred 98 cents = your own linear figured fashion look book cheat sheet.

Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book includes your own linear figure rules of conduct and much more.

Come back soon, we still have body types to go. You might be next.

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    Would you guess that I saw this exact blouse in the Anthropologie catalog and said to myself, “That top is perfect for Leisel!” Nice choice! You make people look extra beautiful :)

  2. says

    Thank you Reachel! Very helpful; I definitely identified with your description. Is the “cheat sheet” a replica of the blog post or does it contain more details?
    Nice job on the video, too!

  3. says

    To Hannah- The cheat sheet has more information than the blog posts. Exacting details on the jackets, pants, skirts, etc for your body type.

    To Cindy- There is actually fantastic sales going on at Anthropologie right now. I’ve seen tops going for $10 and $14. However, if you don’t mind sacrificing quality, check out Forever 21. They copy a lot of Anthropologie’s designs, but their cuts are geared toward teen bodies and the items usually only hold up to a season of wear.

  4. says

    I’ve never been so happy to be a celery before! Finally, pretty clothing options for my hips = waist proportions. Can I kiss the person who invented the padded bra?

    Thank you for all of your wonderful tips!

  5. says

    I didn’t know there was a picture of me floating around the internet, but it looks like there is, and you used it for this post!

    I think I’m hooked. I’ll be back for sure.

  6. says

    the only thing i have to say is …..i hate linear body types and i dont feel sorry for them in the least.

    sorry….but its the truth.

    Reachel—you are an awesome stylist, and personal shopper. i hope i will get to shope with you a little when im there! :) ca-ching. ( that is the sound of me putting money in a piggy bank in which to buy clothes)

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    I love your blog. Thank you so much for all you’ve posted so far! I think I have been pear-ish most of my life, but after some “enhancement” I don’t seem to fall into the exact pear category anymore. Is it possible to have a more ample bust and still be a pear?

  8. says

    Amy, even with an enhancement, you could still have a narrow shoulder line. So, yes, even with an ample bust, you could still be a pear. One way to check is to measure the frontal breadth of your shoulders against the frontal breadth of your hips.

  9. says

    So what exactly would you be if you have a small chest with very broad shoulders and wider hips. You certainly don’t look like a pear if you have broad shoulders. I think the shoulder measurement is just as important as the bust measurement.

  10. says

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to measuring myself. Here I am:

    Bust: 39
    Waist: 32.5
    Hips: 40

    I also happen to be 6’0″, which led me straight to the linear figure page. Now, according to your descriptions, I’d fit in this linear type, but I definitely have a bust. So am I more of a middle figure? I don’t know where I fit!

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